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“ORANGEfps” A Superb FREE ‘First-person’ Shooter Game!

ORANGEfps is a browser-based, ‘First-person’ Shooter,  … A place where all ‘First Person Shooter’ enthusiasts can come and play this fast-paced, (multi, or single player) shooter game, — all within the comfort of your own browser. … (No weird-ass complicated downloads) necessary,  just ‘Click-N-Play,’ — the way online PC games should be played! Go HERE, and Start Blasting!
NOTE: ‘Login’ IS Necessary: In order to ‘login.’ However, You Must First Be ‘Registered.’ Registering only takes a few moments, but gives you ‘increased capabilities.’ The board admin, may also grant additional permissions to registered users. Before you register, ensure you’re familiar with their ‘terms of use’ (and related policies). Also, make sure you read any forum rules, (as you ‘navigate’ around the board). ENJOY!


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