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“Phosphor” A Very Cool, (FREE) ‘First-person’ Shooter, Game!

“Phosphor,” is a pretty cool ‘first-person shooter’ game, (if i dare say-so myself!) This Cool Game, rquires the latest version of Adobe ‘Shockwave Player’ — Simply install it when windows prompts you to do so. … See? It’s Easy!  Please NOTE: Be sure to ‘Un-check’ the “Google Toolbar” box, (which IS, ‘Checked’ by default.) “Phosphor” should take about 15 to 30 seconds to load on most Puters. The additional plugin, baMoveCursor,” IS necessary, for mouselook input. The game’s controls, are of the standard ‘first-person shooter’ kind, by default, (WASD + mouse — except F switches to the next weapon). Be sure to click on the ‘SETTINGS’ button, to customize your controls and game difficulty. You can always ‘resize’ your browser window (with your F11 key) to increase the game’s video resolution. Simply click the ‘START’ button, to begin ‘game-play.’ … While you’re in the game, your ‘ESC’ key, pauses the game and releases your mouse cursor. … “Phosphor” runs on the browser of your choice, so you can … Crank-up The Volume And, “Get-er-Done!” 
(The ‘multisampling’ setting, doesn’t seem consistent, across different video cards. In some cases, 1 will result in highest quality anti-aliasing, rather than 4. You might need to experiment just a bit, to find the setting that improves better ‘rendering’ quality, — without impacting the ‘framerate’ significantly.)


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