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Obama Caught Committing Crimes, Then Blames Romney! — DHS Adds High Powered Battle Rifle to Arms Build-up — 12 Factors, That Are Turning The Streets of America, Into A Living Hell

                         On this Friday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Darrin McBreen covers the latest news of the day and welcomes Pastor Steven Anderson to the show, (Steve is an American Citizen, who doesn’t put up with Soviet-style checkpoints with questions, and vehicle searches, or any Nazi style, “Show me your papers” CRAP)! Investigative reporter Aaron Dykes, has a special report on the United Nations’ Gun Grabbing ‘Treaty,’ the globalist criminals are planning to enact. Then later on, Darrin welcomes Edward T. Haslam, author of the book; Dr. Mary’s Monkey (Get It Here) that covers the 1964 murder, of a nationally known cancer researcher, while uncovering the medical professionals enmeshed in covert government operations, over the course of three decades.
The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, July 13, 2012 On This Friday The 13th Edition of The Alex Jones’ Show,
Alex talks with former FBI “Weather Underground” informant, Larry Grathwohl, who quoted Obama confidant and the former leader of the “Weathermen,” as stating that those Americans who could not be “re-educated” in communist camps after the Revolution, would be “eliminated” (Killed) in Mao cultural revolution style. Grathwohl authored a book; “Bringing Down America,” following his testimony before the Senate and also appeared in the 1982 documentary; No Place to Hide. Alex also covers the latest news, including the sterilization of women under “Obamacare” and the further (bankster-controlled) military, continuing to make its moves against Syria.

                    ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓     

12 Factors That Are Turning The Streets Of America, Into A Living Hell: 
The United States once had safe, beautiful cities that were the envy of the entire world, but now many of them are degenerating into rotting, festering, crime-ridden hellholes. 
Neocons Float “Mushroom Cloud” Condi Rice, as Romney VP: 
If selected in Nov. ‘Mittens’ Romney will serve his banker masters, as the establishment ‘front man,’ for the reinstallation of the neocon faction in the White House. Lamestream media is now  murmuring about his choice for vice president – Condoleezza Rice. This underscores the return, of the so-called Vulcans.
The Massacre Industry Strikes Again In Syria: 
The falsely labeled and NATO-controlled “Syrian opposition” is using deception, trickery, and terrorism, … even more than the Mossad.
Teen Sterilization Will Be FREE Under Obamacare:  
Did you know that sterilization will not cost women a penny under Obamacare?
Obama Caught Committing Crimes, — Then Blames Romney! 
Over-the-top Barry Obama, (who’s committed every crime in the book) says Romney is a hard core criminal, with no proof and the media runs with it.
Homeland ‘Security’ Adds High Powered Battle Rifle to Arms Build-up: 
They ARE preparing wage war, against the American people — Earlier this year, DHS bought 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition, along with special bullet-proof, ‘check-point’ booths.
Image Shows Military ‘Spraying’ Over Florida City: 
Facebook users express fears over Posse Comitatus.
Facebook Monitors Your Chats For Criminal Activity: 
Notify the police immediately, if any suspicious behavior is detected. (EVERYTHING Is Suspicious, … To The ‘Authorities, Right? — Sounds Like ‘Freedom,’ Doesn’t it!)
Tim Geithner Drawn Into Libor’s International Banking Scandal: It appears that bank cartel frontman Geithner has dirty hands from the Libor rate fixing scandal.
Bailed-Out Behemoth HSBC, To Apologize At Hearing For Terrorist Money Laundering: 
HSBC Began Its Career, Laundering Opium Money, … So, not much has changed in 200 years. “We failed to spot and deal with unacceptable behavior,” Chief Executive Officer Stuart Gulliver said in the note sent to employees yesterday, referring to the period between 2004 and 2010. “It is right that we be held accountable and that we take responsibility for fixing what went wrong.”


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