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Financial War Report: Fraud Race

The “Keiser Report” (July 14, 2012) Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the mainstream media joining the ‘hang bankers’ bandwagon, as it becomes increasingly obvious that the space race has been replaced with a fraud race and getting your Series 7 broker’s license makes stealing a risk-free business proposition. In the second half of the show, Max talks with analyst, (and newslettter writer) Rob Kirby, of Kirby Analytics, about the derivatives complex as a price control grid and about the fact that every time the JP Morgan monster needs a feeding, something must die. [Rob’s Latest Article: Libor Rigging: The Tip of the Iceberg]
(RT (Home), YouTube, 280 on Dish Network & 103 on Comcast)

Max Keiser‘s “On The Edge”
With Ed Harrison of CreditWritedowns.Com (July 14,)
Edward Harrison, is a banking and finance specialist and economic consultant. Previously, he worked in various strategy and finance roles at Deutsche Bank, Bain Consulting, and Yahoo. Harrison began his career, as a diplomat in the foreign service. He speaks German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and French, … as well as English. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and completed his undergraduate studies with a degree in economics from Dartmouth College. He writes at the blog; Credit Writedowns.


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