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View And Block Trackers, Bugs And Other Web Usage Monitors

Most web pages that you view nowadays contain one or more (often many, many more) tricks and techniques that allow the operator of the web site to monitor your usage of that site. This is done for marketing and advertising reasons.

For example, a typical web page might contain multiple adverts, each of which has a unique ID number attached to the image so that, if you click the advert, the advertiser knows who clicked it. Click a similar advert on a different site entirely, and those 2 clicks can be linked in order to identify you as an interested potential purchaser.

If you’re concerned about such things, and would like to protect your privacy when you’re surfing, one useful program to explore is Ghostery. It’s a FREE add-on, for all the major web browsers, that you can download from

The example below, is part of Ghostery’s report from the main news page of CNN’s website. To view the report in your browser for the page you’re looking at, just click the Ghostery icon. You can then access the settings menu and choose to block such “bugs” in the future.

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