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UN ‘Small Arms Treaty’ Propelled By “Fast and Furious” False Flag Attack On US Second Amendment — UN Set To Ban Civilian Gun Ownership — “Agenda 21” For Dummies

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, July 15, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex takes aim at the United Nations’ “Small Arms” Treaty, (part of a larger effort, to sabotage the 2nd Amendment with international firearms regulations).
Alex plays a special report uncovering the UN’s history of gun control, and how Fast & Furious was staged to pass the UN Gun Treaty— by blaming the flow of illicit guns south to Mexico. Meanwhile, American troops have been trained and acclimated to occupying the U.S. and seizing guns– Hurricane Katrina remains a startling reminder that confiscation really can happen here. And as history shows, gun control has really paved the way for democide (death by governments) which has killed hundreds of millions. In other news, Alex has caught the Pentagon again in using sock puppets to deny photographic proof of military spray operations reported in the media. While CBS Miami had already covered the spraying of pesticides to kill mosquitoes over major cities in Florida, ‘cyber-trolls’ are working, (as part of a psyop) do everything they can, to counter productive discussion of the report.

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  (Agenda 21 explained very well, — In a nutt-shell. Including the implications it will have on all of humanity. Opinions within the video, come (in some cases) from those that were in on the negotiations. … (Truly an interesting watch.)
Emergency Alert! UN Set To Ban Civilian Gun Ownership: 
The globalists want a total weapons ban– so they can kill innocents without opposition from the local populations.
Proof: UN Plans To Ban American Guns: 
Globalist United Nations moving to undermine and kill off Second Amendment.
Visit Sunny Chernobyl: Author Says Nuclear Meltdown Good for the Environment: 
Author and environmentalist Andrew Blackwell, found (in man’s disaster) a shining desolate place humans had vacated and, now returned to nature.

‘Monsanto Protection Act’ to grant biotech industry total immunity over GM crops? 
Monsanto is actively trying to thwart that freedom with new attacks on health freedom.
The REARl ‘Libor’ Scandal: 
The controversy is a diversion from the deeper, darker scandal.
BOMBSHELL: Defected Syrian Ambassador Admits Role in Killing US Troops: 
Nawaf Fares personally organized “Jihadi units” to fight US troops in Iraq.
Obama Admin. Plans to Shutter Nine Border Patrol Stations: 
Barack Obama is preparing to shutter nine Border Patrol stations.
Senior Citizen Assaulted and Arrested at Bohemian Grove: American Citizen Doug Miller, being assaulted with a billy club, then arrested by Sergeant Williams with Sonoma County Sheriff, at “Occupy Bohemian Grove. Go HERE, To Learn More!


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