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SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO: OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE PROBE, FINDS ‘NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT’ — The Second Amendment and The Preservation of Liberty — Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

                        On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Aaron Dykes covers the latest news of the day and Later in the show, Aaron welcomes Jeffrey M. Smith, who’s an expert on G.M.O.’s and their effect on the human population.
“World Net Daily” Exclusive – PHOENIX, AZ. July 17, 2012: After determining earlier this year there is probable cause to suspect the document released by the White House as Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he believes his ‘Cold Case Posse’s’ investigation, should be advanced to the federal government, based on further information released today, (July 17, 2012) at a press conference in Phoenix, that was ‘live-streamed’ by WNDtv: ‘Cold Case Posse’ lead investigator Mike Zullo said, the new information, confirms the second document presented to the American public, (as The Original ‘Long-form’ Birth Certificate) in April 2011, IS Undoubtedly A FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT.
IS Obama (Constitutionally) Eligible, To Serve As President of The U.S.?
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The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ Natural News’ Mike, (“The Health Ranger”) Adams, talks with patriot movement icon, G. Edward Griffin. [W/S] Mr. Griffin’s the author of the classic and essential primer on the Federal Reserve cartel; The Creature from Jekyll Island.” He’s the author of a number of other books and has produced several films, including; What in the World Are They Spraying? A film about the world-wide Chemtrail and “Geo-Engineering” Coverup. Mike also talks with Blair Hamrick, a big pharm whistleblower who’s blown the lid off the bribery of physicians, the push for off-label marketing of drugs for unapproved health conditions, and the illegal marketing of drugs to children by GlaxoSmithKline.
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The Second Amendment and, The Preservation of Liberty:
Why Do Liberals and ‘Progressives’ Want YOU Disarmed?
Following the shooting of Treyvon Martin earlier this year, liberals and ‘progressives,’ renewed their calls for more restrictions on firearms and the repeal of Florida’s “stand your ground” law. Some called for the out right ban of handguns. Once again their justification is so-called ‘public safety’ because they claim the police are entrusted with duty of protecting you. As was written in The Police are Under No Legal Obligation to Protect You, this assertion is patently false because courts throughout these United States have consistently held that police have no legal duty to provide police protection to any individual citizen.
Outrage After News Channel Helps Public Identify Gun Owners: WRAL characterizes firearms enthusiasts as a “threat akin to sex offenders,” says NC resident.
Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans, Who Do Not ‘Turn In’ Their Guns:
Only UN peacekeepers will be allowed to carry firearms.
Source: Molecular Scanners Will Be Used To Harass Gun Owners: 
Device can detect gun powder on a person’s body from 50 meters away.
Obama Exposes The Stench of His Corruption In Virginia: 
Obama is the current leading edge of the historical campaign to eradicate the meaning, memory, and existence of the free and powerful individual.
The “Green” Agenda Is All About Mass-Sacrifice: 
The lust for blood is more ancient than the lust for knowledge.
Iran Accuses U.S. of Using Weather Weapons:
Accusation entirely credible considering computer malware attacks and assassination campaign by U.S. and Israel against Iran.
Gates-Funded Experiment To Spray Atmosphere With Sulphur Particles: 
Geoengineering threatens to worsen droughts, starve millions.
Truth Seekers Attempt To Stop The Dictator Obama: 
Every participant waged war against corruption in their own creative ways.
Banksters Laundered Money For Drug Cartels AND Al-Qaeda: 
Money laundering, (along with other large scale criminal activity) is the normal mode of business, for large multinational banks!

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