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Shooting At Colorado Theater, A Convenient ‘False Flag’ Event, Just 7 Days Before U.N. ‘Small Arms’ Treaty To Be Signed — Charlie Daniels Speaks Out Against United Nations’ Gun-grabbing Treaty

                        On this Friday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Darrin McBreen covers the news of the day, particularly, the (more than likely) ‘false flag’ shooting, at a Aurora Colorado theater, featuring the latest ‘Batman’ installment; ‘Dark Knight.’
It Should Be Duly Noted; … This incident conveniently happened to occur, just seven days before, the U.N. ‘small arms’ treaty, is to be signed into international law, (by Barry Soetoro & Killery Clinton) on July 27, 2012.
One Should ALSO Take Note: The Plan For The ‘Disarmament’ of The American People, Has Been Underway, Since 1961; (See State Department Document #7277).
See ALSO: ‘UNIDIR’: The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research [W/S]
Then, following the news, (investigative reporter and INN host) Rob Dew, interviews Thelma Taormina, [W/S] to discuss her (at gun-point) fight against ‘smart meters.’

The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, July 20, 2012 On this Friday edition of the “Alex Jones’ Show,” Alex covers the shooting in Colorado and breaks down how it will be used to push through ratification of the United Nations’ gun-grabber treaty in the Senate and also, manufacture anti-Second Amendment hysteria, within the bankster-owned, corporate-run, lamestream media. Alex also welcomes back to the show, country and southern rock music legend Charlie Daniels. Earlier this month, Daniels went on record, stating that the United Nations’ ‘Arms Trade’ Treaty will be used to register and ultimately confiscate all privately owned firearms; “If the Senate ratifies this treaty you can say goodbye to private ownership of firearms, because an international treaty supersedes sovereignty and America will be bound by it’s provisions and disarming America will strike a major blow for global government,” Charlie wrote on July 16, 2012, (Read Other Articles By Charlie Here!).
Note: Charlie Also Narrates His Film; “Behold A Pale Horse: America’s Last Chance”

                    ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   

 Cover-Up? FBI Theater Attack Warning Memory-Holed: It appears the FBI attempted to remove from the Internet, a warning from TWO MONTHS AGO, — that theaters would be attacked. (YouTube Source Links Here) 
 Colorado Batman Shooting, Shows Obvious Signs of Being Staged:
James Holmes may have been involved in mind-altering neuroscience research.
What’s Next – TSA At The Movie Theaters? 
National Association of Theatre Owners, reviewing ‘security’ procedures.
Death-Obsessed Culture, Not Gun Rights, To Blame For ‘Batman’ Shooting:   
Political opportunists seize upon tragedy to attack second amendment.
The Dark Knight Rises: Was Shooter Channeling ‘Bane’? The shooter in the ‘Batman’ massacre had modeled himself on the Bane character in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.
‘Dark Knight’ Shooting To Be Exploited For Political Grist:  
Second amendment, ‘conspiracy theorists’ to be blamed for incident.
Globalist Second Amendment Foe, NYC Mayor Bloomberg, Exploits Colorado Shooting:  
Corporate media links alleged shooter to Tea Party.
Something to Keep in Mind as Hysterical Gun-grabbers Attack the Second Amendment: 
The chance you will be a victim of a mass shooting is at best miniscule.
TSA Continues To Break The Law; Ignores Court Demand On Naked Body Scanners: 
Groups round on agency for failing to comply with law for over a year.
Alarmists Fake Grassroots Effort to Guarantee Carbon Taxes: 
Political activism’s recommended as a way to use the ‘Delphi Technique’ against skeptics.

OTHER [IMPORTANT] NEWS, (‘Mainstream Media’ Refuses To Report):
U.S.-backed Syrian Opposition, Linked to Bilderberg, CFR, Goldman Sachs and George Soros: The foreign-financed armed rebellion and the Western-backed opposition to Assad, has been falsely portrayed as a spontaneous uprising of “democracy” minded activists, since the violence first broke out, more than a year ago.
Genetically Modified Babies Already Born – How Will They Alter Human Species?” 
Paving The Way, For A U.S.-Canada Economic And Security Perimeter  
US Partners With Mexico, To Promote Food Stamps For Immigrants 
Former DHS Head (Ultra-Zionist Criminal) Michael Chertoff,
Gets A Good Dose, From ‘Truth Seekers’:
Chertoff’s confronted with the facts, by various members of the public, during a speech promoting, (and propagating) the so-called; “War on Terror.”

U.S. Vice Adm. Robert R. Monroe (Ret.) Reads The Ratification of the ‘Law of The Sea’ Treaty: It DOES, (In Fact) Advance A “One World Government.”
(Chapter Seven) The Franklin Cover-Up / The Bohemian Grove Connection

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