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Batman Shooter Holmes, Was On Hardcore Pharmaceutical Drugs — Mass Murders And The ‘Selective “SSRI” Connection — Theater Shooter James Holmes and DARPA’s Weird Science

                        Click HERE, To Go To Webster's Website ...On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ INN reporter and host Rob Dew, covers the news of the day, later welcoming bipartisan Agenda analyst, Webster Griffin Tarpley [W/S] to discuss the looming war on Syria and the likely possibility of a world war three scenario starting in the region. Webster’s the author of; Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography, Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human History and Obama: The Postmodern Coup – Making of a Manchurian Candidate. Later on, another “Ask Alex” is featured.   
The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 On this Tuesday edition of the “Alex Jones’ Show,” Alex gets ex-NSA ‘spook,’ Wayne Madsen‘s take on the Aurora massacre and the ensuing push on all fronts to regulate firearms as a result. (Wayne’s an investigative journalist who writes for the Wayne Madsen Report and is the author of; The Manufacturing of a President.) Also Alex speaks with writer-director Joel Gilbert, whose most recent film; Dreams From My Real Father [W/S] presents the case that Barack Obama’s real father was Communist Party USA propagandist, Frank Marshall Davis. Alex also welcomes veteran of the ‘Black Panther’ Party, former Minister of Interior of the Republic of New Africa, and author-activist; Larry Pinkney. 
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Mass Murders And The “SSRI” Connection: There IS a direct connection between violence, suicide, homicide, and ‘antidepressant’ use. There’re numerous examples of people who’ve gone off on a shooting rampage, killing classmates,  co-workers, or members of their family and often, taking their own lives, … Then, it was discovered, they’d been taking antidepressant medications. The apparency is, the person was mentally ill and on a rage, but when these cases have been looked at closer, what’s found is, the person didn’t have any violent tendencies and, (in most cases) wasn’t ever suicidal before they started the treatment with antidepressant meds known as; ‘Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors’ (or SSRIs). The above video, Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging provides the facts about psychotropic drugs, (SSRIs) and the huge profits they create for the pharmaceutical industry. These drugs are not safe and, have not been on the market long enough to provide sufficient long term studies regarding their effects. These drugs do cause addiction, however most ‘doctors’ would call this dependence, because you don’t have to take increasing doses over time. pharmaceutical industry’s completely fine with you being addicted to the same amount, of any given drug, on a daily basis. Over half of the people that commit suicide in the United States are prescribed to psychotropic drugs. For Example: Paxil (Paroxetine), Zoloft (Sertraline), Prozac, Wellbutrin (Bupropion), Effexor, Seroquil, Ultram (Tramadol), etc.
[See Also: Psychiatry: An industry of Death & The Marketing of Madness]
Follow the Trend: Batman Shooter James Holmes WAS On Hardcore Pharmaceuticals: Like virtually all massacre shooters before him, the notorious Batman shooter James Holmes is now reported to have been taking hardcore pharmaceutical drugs. In Holmes’ case, they happen to be the very same drugs that ultimately led to the early death of actor Heath Ledger. With a fix for ‘altering his state of mind’, the ‘Batman shooter’ was heavily hooked on the prescription painkiller Vicodin. Holmes even reportedly dosed up on a pharmaceutical cocktail just before the shooting.
Theater Shooter James Holmes and DARPA’s Weird Science:  
Telltale links to the military-industrial complex. … Accused shooter James Holmes, had a number of links to U.S. government-funded research centers, including DARPA,
(Defense Advance Research Projects Agency). DARPA sponsors revolutionary, high-payoff research, that bridges the gap between fundamental discoveries and military use.
  Was James Holmes engaged in a real-life Jason Bourne “TREADSTONE” project, that resulted in deadly consequences in Aurora, Colorado? Operation “Treadstone” was a fictional top-secret CIA project, under which the character Jason Bourne underwent ‘behavioral modification.’
Feds Were Warned of Theater Attack, Back In May 2012:  
Expect Constitution free Gestapo zones at your local movie theater.
Democratic Operatives Urged Obama To Seize On Attacks:  
Exploiting bloodshed to ‘re-connect with the American people’
Gun Sales Spike By Almost Double After Batman Massacre:  
Gun sales in Colorado and elsewhere in the country have spiked exponentially since Friday’s tragic mass shooting in Aurora.
Marine Corps Law Enforcement Battalions To “Control Civil Disturbances”
Troops to “assist local authorities” in criminal investigations.
The Mysterious ‘Booms’ Are Back! 
The mysterious booms that plagued Wisconsin a few months ago are back!
Eyewitness: Mysterious ‘Booms’ Return To Wisconsin:  
“It’s like someone’s slamming the earth with a big machine!”
But It DOES Matter, Who Obama’s Father Is!

We are on the verge of losing the constitution. … Our very freedoms and liberties are in jeopardy. This is all by design. … It’s part of the socialist strategy taught at the socialist conferences Obama attended in the early 1980’s, to use minorities and the poor to “collapse Capitalism” and help form a marxist, communist government.  

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