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DRONES: New Spies In Our Skies, Cause Privacy Concerns

The above “CBS This Morning” piece, (featured a while back) does a pretty good job, covering the broad privacy issues and dangers, concerning the use of “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” (or UAVs) now taking to the skies of America. — By the thousands, thanks to unconstitutional legislation passed by the treasonous congress and signed by the maladjusted, ineligible, communistPresident, Barack Hussein, (Barry Soetoro) Obama, back in February of 2012.   “What Goes Around, … Comes Around.”

And, So Now

The Bank$ter Hijacked, Criminal Government,
Has Turned Its Sights Upon A ‘NEW Enemy’
This ‘New Enemy’ IS You, Me, “We The People!”

“Attack of The ‘Drones’ ~ USA” I Have Two Words For You, … Predator Drones.
You Will Never See It Coming. –
You Think I’m Joking.
–Barack (‘Barry’) Obama, April 2010


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