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Gun Owners of America Head Larry Pratt, Speaks Out About The UN “Small Arms” Treaty, (SURE To Pass, Sooner or Later). — TSA To Be EVERYWHERE Soon, (Fourth Reich Anyone?)

On this Monday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Host Aaron Dykes discusses today’s major news headlines, including the latest effort by government to ramp up fear and destroy constitutional safeguards against unwarranted government power by way of terrorist IED threats, the DHS’ and Army’s recent purchases of riot gear to prepare for “domestic disorder,” the latest ‘Dark Knight massacre’ news, the push for TSA to begin occupying train and bus stations in addition to airports, and more. He also interviews Dan Graeber, editor of, a leading oil and energy news site.
The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, July 30, 2012 On this Monday edition of the “Alex Jones’ Show,” Alex talks with Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, about efforts by the government, to roll back the Second Amendment, the United Nations playing possum after its small arms treaty was tabled, (until September) and comments by Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, about the inevitability of gun control in the United States. Alex also talks with Julio Rausseo, an independent journalist based in Chicago. Rausseo produced a video documenting a TSA checkpoint at Chicago’s Union Station.
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NSA Wants “EZ Pass” Control for Internet:  
Government wants to convert the decentralized internet into a massive centralized surveillance and tracking system.
WHY, Are Republicans Calling To Disarm The American People? 
While the federal government is arming itself — to the teeth, against conservatives. Justice Antonin Scalia, Rupert Murdoch, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Kristol, Michael Savage all joining the likes of Piers Morgan, Michael Moore and Michael Bloomberg in savaging the second amendment. … With so-called conservatives like this, who needs liberals?
Bizarre Booms & Weird Noises In the Sky:  
You Tube sensation Sheila Martin joins Paul Joseph Watson to discuss these strange earth events.
More Law Enforcement Agencies Turning To “Pre-Crime” Policing:  
Law experts warn of threat to ‘reasonable’ suspicion.
Phantom “IEDs” to Finish Off Posse Comitatus:  
Dubious threat posed by IEDs, is the latest effort by government to ramp up fear and destroy constitutional safeguards against unwarranted government power.
U.S. Army Purchases Riot Gear As Fears Over Civil Unrest Grow:
Follows DHS in preparation for domestic disorder.
Does Barack Obama Expect The Upcoming Election To Spark Rampant Civil Unrest? 
What is Barack Obama preparing for? What does Barack Obama actually expect to happen in November?
Portrait of a Drone Killer: ‘I Have a Duty, and I Execute My Duty’ 
I see mothers with children, I see fathers with children, I see fathers with mothers, I see kids playing soccer, Brenton tells the New York Times. Drone operators see their intended targets wake up in the morning, do their work, go to sleep at night, explains Dave, another high-tech murderer, who killed from an office cockpit at Nevada’s Creech Air Force Base and who now trains new recruits to the cyber-killer corps at New Mexico’s Holloman Air Force Base.

Featured (Appropriate) Documentary; “Orwell Rolls In His Grave”

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