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Financial War Report: Capital Punishment for Crimes Against Capital?

The “Keiser Report” (August 2, 2012) Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss crimes against capital, financial blockades and hoax Op-eds. They also suggest that Boris Johnson may be the illegitimate step nephew of Louis XV and how all your financial opinions come from a warped fortune cookie written by some guy that just dropped massive tabs of acid. And they discuss this while minding their Second Amendment right to bear a shoulder launch missile. In the second half, Max interviews Birgitta Jonsdottir about the need, to form Pirate Parties around the world, to protect privacy, democracy and stop financial blockades of certain groups for their beliefs and campaigns. UPDATE: Here’s the ‘Wall Street Journal’ editorial / blog; Should Crimes of Capital Get Capital Punishment? 
(RT (Home), YouTube, 280 on Dish Network & 103 on Comcast)


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