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Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooter ‘False Flag’ Witness: “There Were Four Gunmen” — “Drills” For The Sikh Temple Shooting?! — Sikh Shooter Was A Former Psyop Soldier, Linked to FBI’s National Alliance

The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, Aug. 6, 2012 On this Monday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ ‘Temp’ host Mike (The ‘Health Ranger’) Adams, [W/S] dissects the Sikh shooting in Wisconsin, its telltale military attributes, and the attempt by the government, (along with the corporate whore media) to connect it to supposed “white supremacists” and characterize it, as “domestic terrorism.” Mike looks into the ‘eerie similarities’ between this shooting and the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, two weeks ago. Mike also talks with Michael Schmidt, a Ontario farmer who’s been in a protracted legal battle, over selling and producing ‘raw milk.’ Schmidt’s ‘co-op farm,’ was recently raided by federal “inspectors.” Mike also covers the scam by Susan G. Komen’s ‘For The Cure,’ to oversell the supposed benefits of mammography, (Pink Ribbons Everyone?!)
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The Sikh Shooting: DoJ and FBI Warned of Planned Terror Attack in April: 
Rep. Bachmann mentioned the possibility of Sikh “hate crimes” being carried out under false pretense of ignorance for the religious ideals of the Sikhs.
Sikh Shooter, was a Former ‘Psyop’ Soldier, Linked to FBI’s National Alliance: 
The FBI has a long history of running racist and white supremacist groups.
Sikh Temple Shooter Was In Army Psychological Operations:  
‘Batman’ shooter James Holmes also connected to Army psychiatrist.
Was the Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect Also Dosed Up on Legal Drugs?  
It’s important that we take a serious look, at the link between shootings and the abuse of ‘legal’ drugs. The blatant pattern of pharmaceutical drug abuse and ‘random violence’ simply can’t be ignored.
Sikh Shooting Ties Into DHS ‘Veterans as Terrorists’ Narrative:  
Lone gunman identified as US Army vet while reports of multiple shooters ignored.
Shooting at Sikh Temple: WHO Benefits — Big-time? 
The official and repeating scenario (“we believe there was only one shooter”) has already been contradicted. Two witnesses stated, there were multiple shooters.
So, … Which Companies Are Paying The Big Bucks To Fight GMO Labeling? 
Major companies are fighting to keep GMO in their products and, — labels off of them.
Wal-Mart To Sell Genetically Modified ‘Sweet Corn’ To The Dumbed-down, Slave Population: A number of studies over the past decade, have revealed genetically engineered foods, pose serious risks to humans, domesticated animals, wildlife and the environment. Human health effects can include higher risks of toxicity, allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, immune-suppression and, cancer.

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