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“LADY DIE” (A Documentary) What Did The Queen of England Mean, When She Warned Diana’s Butler, There Were “Dark and Mysterious Forces” At Work In Britain?

When You’re A Globalist, ‘Elitest’ of The Criminal Cabal,
You CAN, Get Away With Murder, … In Front of The Entire World! 
British Film Director, Christopher Everard produced this documentary; “LADY DIE,” which investigates the fatal car-crash, of Princess Diana, (the Princess of Wales) her companion, Dodi AlFayed, as well as the driver, Henri Paul, along with (massively wounded) ex-paratrooper Trevor Rees-Jones. The horrific history of the royal family is fully exposed, including the faked suicide/murder of Stephen Ward, Prince Philip’s links with the Profumo scandal, Occult (“Eyes Wide Shut”) Parties at the Cliveden Estate in the 60s, the exorcism of Stephen Wards cottage, the double murder of two young princes in the Tower of London, the forced euthenasia of King George in 1936 – (who’s killing was perfectly timed, to coincide with the morning edition of The London Times newspaper). This film, fully investigates the Paris, France car-crash, that killed, the Princess of Wales … In the “Pont de l’Alma” tunnel, August 31st, 1997.


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