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Why People Reject “Conspiracy Theories” — Is A Major False Flag Terror Attack Coming Soon? — DARPA Creates ‘Shape-shifting’ Robot, With ‘Color-changing Abilities’

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Aug. 19th, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, veteran guest host Mike Adams “The Health Ranger,” editor of NaturalNews.Com, fills in for Alex breaking down the latest news of the day, including the recent ‘Freedom of Information Act’ request revealing the Department of Homeland Security retaining files on Infowars stories and user comments. Mike also welcomes guest John B. Wells. Mr. Wells is a frequent guest on the Alex Jones Show and a longtime professional announcer, who’s hosted Saturday evenings on the late-night radio talk show; “Coast-to-Coast AM.” He talks to Mike about his own personal awakening, the economic collapse and its repercussions as well as how to prepare for what’s to come.
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 The robot has the ability to camouflage itself against various environments researchers said. Relying on simply natural systems allowed for more complex abilities, including the ability to change color and shapes. “Even when using simple systems — in this case we have simple, open-ended micro-channels — you can achieve a great deal in terms of your ability to camouflage an object, or to display where an object is.”
Is A Major False Flag Terror Attack Coming Soon? 
The lower Obama gets in the polls, the greater the risk of a large-scale staged event.
Israel’s War Plan: the Complete Destruction of Iran’s Civilian Infrastructure: 
Like Iraq’s fictional WMDs, the hyped threat of Iranian nuclear weapons is a fabrication.
Max Keiser: The Raping of A Country: 
Alex welcomed economist, journalist and American broadcaster Max Keiser to discuss the warning signs of an impending economic collapse.
87-year-old woman scares off burglars with 9 MM gun: 
When the dispatcher asked her to call 911 back if the burglars returned, the woman replied, “No, I’m going to shoot them…”
Why People Reject Conspiracy Theories: 
The mocking of conspiracy theories in the American press and Western media is based on the simplistic argument that reason is on the side of the government and officialdom.
Marine Veteran Picked Up By FBI Over Facebook Posts About 9/11: 
A former U.S. Marine who accused the government of lying about 9/11 and spoke of “The Revolution” on Facebook, was detained on Friday, reports Renee Nal of Gather.
How Fluoride Was Sold To America… And, How We Bought It: 
The battle on fluoridation continues and is burning through the American southwest. [More on Fluoride Dangers, HERE!]

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Ω The “No Agenda” Show, W/‘Crackpot’ & ‘Buzz-Kill’ (Sun. Aug. 19, 2012) 


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