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Business As Usual, At The NON-Federal Reserve, If Romney’s Elected — Gov. Hypes White Supremacist “Racial Holy War,” In Effort, To Demonize Veterans — Supporters Fear 9/11 Truther Marine ‘Disappeared’ After Facebook Post

On this Wednesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Jakari Jackson and Paul Joseph Watson cover the latest news of the day, Then Rob Dew interviews singer and songwriter, Henry Dillard about his music video; “The TSA Song.”
The Alex Jones’ Show: Wed. August 22, 2012 On this Wednesday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex covers the news including the latest police state actions by the TSA/government goons’ going through bags and subjecting Republicans to additional measures at a Paul Ryan event, as well as a man kicked off a flight, for the crime of wearing a t-shirt, critical of the grope and grab agency. Then, Alex talks with Linda Litowsky in-studio. Ms. Litowsky is the Executive Director of Channel Austin and her career in media includes a diverse background in film, broadcast and cable television, as well as documentary, non-profit, corporate and educational production. Alex covers the latest news, including the case of a Marine who was forcibly transferred to a psychiatric facility after he posted anti-establishment messages on Facebook which questioned the official story behind 9/11 and referred to corruption within the government. The FBI claims Brandon Raub’s posts were “terrorist in nature.” Alex talks about the economy and the startling fact that more than half of all Americans are on some form of government assistance.
                 ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   
  If elected, Mitt Romney’s team, will make sure the (PRIVATELYOWNED) Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke finish the job of destroying the economy. Glenn Hubbard, Romney’s economic adviser, told Reuters he would advise the Republican presidential candidate that Bernanke should “get every consideration” and stay at the helm of the private bankster owned Federal Reserve. “Ben is a model technocrat. He gets paid nothing for getting kicked around all the time. I think they ought to pat him on the back,” Hubbard said of his long-time pal. “I may or may not agree with him, but that’s very different from saying I question his motives. I wish politicians would stop doing that,” he added, making an indirect reference to Ron Paul, who has questioned Bernanke on numerous occasions as a member of the House Committee on the Financial Services. (Read On …)
Geriatric Patsies Sentenced To Prison, Following FBI Entrapment: 
Informant Joe Sims had allegedly molested his step daughters.
Government Hypes White Supremacist “Racial Holy War” in Effort to Demonize Veterans: The FBI has controlled violent white supremacist groups since the 1960s.
TSA Rifles Through Bags, Conducts Pat Downs At Paul Ryan Event: 
Government agents moving out of airports and into the streets.
Man Kicked Off Flight, Over Anti-TSA Shirt: 
Questioning authority is a suspicious activity.
Supporters Fear Facebook Marine Being ‘Disappeared’: 
Supporters of Brandon Raub, (the man kidnapped by police, then committed to a mental institution, for his political posts on Facebook) fear the former Marine is being ‘disappeared’ by authorities, after he was forcibly transferred to a psychiatric facility more than three hours away from his family and legal team.
The Richard Aoki Story: More Evidence the FBI Runs Violent Political Groups: The very apex of 1960s radicalism – the Black Panthers – was compromised by the FBI.
Man Kicked Off Flight, Over Anti-TSA Shirt: 
Questioning authority is NOW considered as “suspicious activity.” (Shut-Up Slave!)
The MF Global Magical Mystery Tour: The lack of definitive disclosure in the MF Global investigation is hampered at every turn.
Thanks Obama! Here Are 24 Stats, That Show How Much You’ve Royally Messed Up Our Economy: Under Barry Obama, the U.S. economy has performed worse than it did, under any other president, since the end of the Great Depression.
Video: Albuquerque NM. officer beats surrendered man, conducts illegal entry: Apparently Albuquerque, NM police, believe smoking pot, is a crime, that endangers THEIR lives, AND, the lives of others.
US Teen, Invents Advanced Cancer Test, Using Google: 
15-year-old prefers playing with bio-technology, rather than mindless video games.

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