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Mobile Phone Companies Can Predict Future Movements of Users, by Building a Profile of Their Lifestyle

 (Article By Sara Malm and Lucy Osborne ‘Daily Mail’-UK)
Your future location is calculated using data from your phone: University of Birmingham team made location predictions of users with an error margin of just 60ft. If developed, it can be used for personalised marketing, but has been accused of invading privacy. From telling us when our train is coming, helping us when we’re lost and letting us watch our favourite TV shows, there seems no limit to how involved our smartphone is with our day-to-day life. Now the gadget promises something so advanced it verges on the supernatural: it will know exactly what we’re doing tomorrow. Scientists have found a way of predicting an individual’s future movements by analysing information their mobile phone.

A team of computer scientists at the University of Birmingham successfully predicted future locations with an error margin of just 60ft, which has fuelled fears of privacy invasions. While mobile phone networks can already track where a handset is in ‘real time’, the scientists have developed an algorithm – or formula – to forecast our future movements. Should you be concerned? … Probably So.


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