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FCC Launching HUGE, New Internet Tax — Army Ranger Veteran, (Anti-war Activist) Arrested For Filming Police — Former FBI Agent: “The Surveillance State, IS Trashing Our Constitutional Protections”

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Aug. 26th, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the news of the day, including; the FCC’s HUGE internet tax and takeover plan. Alex also talks about the arrest of former U.S. Army Ranger, (now anti-war activist) Antonio Buehler. Antonio Buehler’s a West Point graduate, who served in the U.S. Army as a 2nd Lieutenant with Charlie Company of the 40th Engineer Battalion and the 1st Armored Division Engineer Brigade. “Airborne Ranger” qualified, Buehler served in Kosovo, Germany and Iraq and was awarded the ‘Bronze Star.’ Alex then covers the unprecedented and outrageous ammunition purchases by various government agencies, as the economy slumps further, while trends analysts warn about social chaos in the streets. He also runs down the state of gun rights and the Second Amendment, as following the shooting outside the Empire State Building in New York and takes a look at the shooting of U.S. embassy personnel in Mexico by ‘trigger-happy’ federales.
             ◊              TOP News Stories of The Day            ↓ 
  Get ready for yet another transfer of wealth, via U.S. government confiscation. The FCC’s ready, to tax internet service, in order to fund its “Connect America” Fund boondoggle. This scheme is nothing new. … “Consumers already pay a fee on their landline and cellular phone bills, to support the FCC’s Universal Service Fund.” The “Service Fund” was devised, (as yet another grand socialist enterprise) “to ensure that everyone in the country, has access to telephone service, even if they live in remote areas.” Numerous companies, including AT&T, Sprint and even Google, support for the idea and, (as is usually the casewith criminals) the mega-corporations support this brazen theft.
“‘Fascism,’ (‘Fascismo’) should more appropriately be called ‘Corporatism’ because, it is a merger of state and corporate power.” –Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini,
(Italy’s Fascist Dictator, From 1922 – 1943)

Austin, TX. U.S. Army Ranger Veteran, (Now Anti-war Activist) Arrested For Filming Police: “Peaceful Streets Project” founder, Antonio Buehler, was kidnapped and caged, for exercising his first amendment rights, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, that he swore an oath to defend, — against ALL enemies, — Both Foreign And DOMESTIC.
Disbelief In Grand Enemies – The End of National Myths In A Dying World: 
The old world is dying, and the new one faintly appears in the distance.
Former FBI Agent: Surveillance State Trashing Constitutional Protections: 
Former decorated undercover FBI agent, Mike German, explains how the national security state, in league with local law enforcement, is secretly targeting Americans for political views and activities perceived as a threat to the political establishment. … Surveillance of any political activity, that has now been considered,  as aberrant by the state, has reached a new phenomenal level.
Daraya Residents Dispute Claim, Massacre Carried Out by Syrian Army:   WARNINGGRAPHIC IMAGES: The (NATO, Bankster-run) ‘mainstream media presstitutes’ claim, “the Syrian military, was responsible for a massacre in the town of Daraya,” — however, the residents of Daraya have a different point of view…
Veiled Threats By Prominent Neo-Malthusians: “Cull Human Population Or Expect ‘Vast Die-Off’” Call for massive ‘population reduction’ and ‘de-industrialization’ of the west.
“Coast to Coast AM” At Its Best: Alex Jones And a Banking Fraud Special:  
Alex Jones appeared on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, August 24, 2012, for a discussion on threats to free speech, gun control and, the globalist, corporate/bankster takeover — of The United States of America.
The U.S. Gov’t Is Following The ‘Stalinist Model’ For Detaining Veterans Under NDAA: 
There are currently, (at least) 20 more cases in his county alone, that are similar in nature, to USMC Veteran, Brandon Raub’s abduction and subsequent detention.

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