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Homeland Security’s “Big Sis” Releases ‘Biological Agents’ Into Boston Subway System — The Conspiracy of an Empire: A Letter To Those, Who Serve The Criminal System — Blackhawk Choppers, Engaging In Military ‘Exercises’ Over Minneapolis, Minnesota Skies

On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Aaron Dykes covers the news and Alex Jones welcomes Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann to the show. “It’s Going Hot!” Those were the ominous opening and closing words from Doug Hagmann’s source inside the Department of Homeland Security, in two separate contacts they had within the last 72 hours. … Readers to his website, (and listeners to his radio program) know this source as; “Rosebud,” a source with access to high levels within the DHS administration.
The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012
On this Tuesday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex covers facets of the police state, (that appear daily) including the latest manifestation in Austin, Texas, where students are being tracked with GPS/RFID technology, and Blackhawk helicopters engaging in military exercises in the skies over Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also discusses events ongoing in Syria and, Iran. Alex’s guest today is Alfred Adask, the publisher of the AntiShyster News Magazine who was identified by the government, as one of the top dozen anti-government activists during the 90s. He was featured on a CBS 60 Minutes segment where he was pigeonholed, as a Sovereign Citizen “guru.”
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   DHS, To Release Bacteria In Boston Subway … As A Test.The The Department of Homeland “Security,” will be releasing a “dead bacteria,” into the Boston subway system, in an operation, (or so it says) to test sensors designed to detect biological agents that could be released as part of a “terrorist” attack. Little’s known about what exactly the bacteria consists of, and the DHS has not been forthcoming with any information, saying only that it’s a “non-infectious” material, that’s been “approved, as a food supplement.”  The Boston Globe Reports The Following: “The tests will begin Wednesday and will be held periodically over the next year, at the Harvard and Porter Square stations in Cambridge and the Davis Square station in Somerville.” [More Here]
The Conspiracy of an Empire – An Open Letter, To Those Who Serve The System: “Dissent is still the highest form of patriotism!”
•  Black Hawk Helicopters Over Minneapolis Worry Residents:
Concerned observers called media, police last night to report choppers.
  Civilians Told NOT To Fear, The Blackhawk Choppers Over Minneapolis:
“Support our troops” has become the mindless mantra, of the enslaved frogs — that are slowly boiling, in the water of tyranny.
  Foreign Policy Editor Throwing A Fit Over Growing Resistance To “Agenda 21” Saying ‘NO’ to the UN “action plan” (and, all the guises, by which it attempts to slither its way into our personal liberties).

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