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Out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Comes The ‘FED’ Solution: “QE3” — “Operation Dark Heart” U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Anthony Shaffer Speaks Out, (Again). — If You Use The Words, “Chicago,” “Birth Certificate” or “PGA,” You’re Now … A ‘Racist.’

On this Friday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Alex Jones breaks down the latest headlines, including; ‘Quantitative Easing’ Three, (or “QE3”) and the good possibility of inflation, or even hyperinflation, the election race-baiting attempts, (by both the left and the right) an accused U.S. spy, who was crucified for placing drone sensors in Yemen. Also, former Communications Director for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and currently Executive Editor and Chief Correspondent for “Climate Depot,” Marc Morano stops by. (Also, part 2 of Dan Bidondi’s report, on Government performing experiments on US troops is featured).
The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, Aug. 31, 2012 On this Friday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex confronts the heated rhetoric swirling around the RNC and, the brazen attempt by the establishment and its bankster-owned, corporate presstitute media attack dogs, to criminalize political speech, by labeling words such as; “Chicago” and “Birth Certificate” as ‘racist.’ Alex also talks about the increasing number of military drills across America, as the criminal elite gear-up for social unrest amid political chaos, in the event of the economic implosion. Alex then talks with U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Anthony Shaffer, author of “Operation Dark Heart,” (a book hated with media-bias and destroyed by the Pentagonbefore banning it) and Congressman Walter B. Jones, who introduced House Concurrent Resolution 107, calling for the impeachment of Obama, if he attacks Iran, or Syria, without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress.
                       ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   
Google Patents Software, To Intelligently Identify ANY Object On Earth
  Google has received a patent for a technology that could revolutionise searching – as well as giving the search engine unprecedented knowledge about the world. Humans have an innate ability, thanks to our eyes and brain, to look at any object – from a cat to a lamp to a river-bank – and recognise it and catalogue it. This is far less easy for computers to do – but Google may be about to change that, thanks to its patent for ‘automatic large scale video object recognition.’ The patent describes technology that can scan a video – for instance the thousands of hours uploaded to YouTube each day – and then pick out landmarks, objects and context, helping it to tag and categorise it. For instance, you could have your photo taken outside Big Ben in London, or film a short video outside London’s most-famous clock, upload it to Google, and without giving any more data, Google could tag your video with ‘Big Ben’ and ‘London.’ The patent could signal a revolution in how we use the internet, especially if the technology becomes embedded in smartphones – but is likely to cause a lot of concern over privacy issues. Civil liberty groups have already warned that this could provide Google with a wealth of personal detail about your private life. (Read On …)
Obama Mimics Bill Ayers Radical Ideology with New “Re-Education” Camps – Former FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, revealed the “Weather Underground” terrorist group’s plan, for “re-education camps” and the “elimination” (Killing) of millions of Americans:   
The above video, is a “Liberty Broadcasting Network” interview (April 2012) with Larry Grathwohl, [Blog] who became an ‘operational asset’ for the FBI, infiltrating the domestic terrorist organization known as; “The Weathermen,” or “The Weather Underground.”
(Go Here, To See The ‘CC.C’ Posts on This Very Subject …)

Scholar Who Brought Obama Into Chicago Law School, Held Top Intelligence Clearance:
By his own admission, constitutional scholar Michael W. McConnell lobbied to get Barack Obama to lecture at Chicago Law School.
Fed Hints at Third Round of Quantitative Easing:
Fed has squandered more than $2 trillion in quantitative easing and economy has slipped further into depression.
Minneapolis Military Drills Based Around “Confrontation Scenarios”   
Black Hawk exercises continue to stir intrigue, concern.
Putin Is Demonized, While Democracy Fails In AmeriKa: 
Obama is a despicable patsy, a front man for powerful private interests, and Democrats should be totally ashamed to have elevated such a cowardly lowlife.
Limbaugh: It’s Now Racist to Say “Chicago, PGA, Birth Certificate” 
MSNBC characterizes all criticism of Obama as racist.
PROOF: Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as ‘insecticide’:
Fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists who try to contaminate your water supply with fluoride are promoting their deadly agenda with a clever lie.
It’s Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics: In the lead up weekend to the RNC convention, Tampa, Florida was awash in political electricity.

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