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Financial War Report: Fraud on Wheels

The “Keiser Report” (September 1, 2012) Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss what happens when ersatz money heroin stops working and Treasury bonds are sold by hucksters, while everything is guaranteed by ‘the state.’ In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks with John Rubino of DollarCollapse.Com, about fiat currencies, how they collapse and, how fast it happens.
    (RT (Home), YouTube, 280 on Dish Network & 103 on Comcast)

Max Keiser‘s “On The Edge”
With Dan Collins of The “China Money Report” (September 1, 2012)
Dan Collins, is Founder and, Editor of; The ‘China Money Report’. Dan also founded ‘Tiger Hill Capital’, an asset management and corporate advisory business in Hong Kong, (Dan’s lived in China for over 15 years). He has an engineering an manufacturing background, which is vital to understanding the Chinese economy. He’s worked for multinationals in China, as well as Chinese firms there. He previously ran a $200 million USD Chinese industrial firm based in Ningbo, Zhejiang province in China. Dan is graduate of Rutgers University (MBA), Michigan State University (BA-Economics) and was an exchange student at Tsinghua University in Beijing in the 1990’s. He has years of experience in Chinese Real Estate and Investments and, speaks Chinese fluently.

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