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Daily News! (Worth Mentioning — March 8-22)

The ‘Alex Jones Show’

On the Friday, March 22 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Infowars breaks down the accelerating global economic collapse, FEMA federalizing police for domestic war, and Obama’s new title as; The Global Head of Al-Qaeda. They also covered the victory in bringing the massive DHS ammo purchases to light, which forced mainstream media and Congressmen to address these issues. Alex welcomed American economist and renowned columnist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to examine the Cyprus bank crisis situation and America’s own crumbling economy. Alex also invited author and American radio and television personality Larry Elder, to discuss The Obama Deception still entrancing Americans and people worldwide.
Go HERE, For The ‘Top Stories’ From ‘INFOWARS’

Cyprus Bank Insolvency Crisis, Quickly Escalating; May Set-off EU Bankageddon
As you may have suspected, there’s far more to the Cyprus bank crisis story than meets the eye…

Mass Panic In Cyprus: The Banks Are Collapsing And ATMs Are Running Out Of Money!
It is now being reported that Cyprus Popular Bank only has “enough liquidity to cover the next few hours”

U.S. Stocks Sell-Off Accelerating; Dow’s Off More Than 100 Points, As Cyprus Situation Worsens
In case Cyprus leaves eurozone, it will be a good example for the rest of us.

“… A call from a highly agitated bank manager who stated that within 60 days, banks will be greatly reducing their hours, days of operation, amount of withdrawals and, a requirement to fill out “paperwork” if the amount is questioned by bank officials. Unless the form is completed, money will not be disbursed. …”

Bernanke Fails to Answer Concerns about a Cyprus-Style Seizure of American Bank Deposits
The government of Cyprus wants to grab bank deposits, and the chief economist of the German Commerzbank has called for private savings accounts in Italy to be similarly plundered, and other nations may be moving in that direction as well.

This Is The Streets of America, — In The Very Near Future…
We’ve seen it time and again, … Governments all over this planet, are over-stepping their authority, while punishing the citizenry, because of the actions of a select, criminal, elitest banking conglomerates, dirty politicians and bought-off regulators. A financial collapse in this country can’t be avoided. … You MUST Do everything you can now, to ensure you aren’t part of ‘the mob’ when it happens.

FEMA IS ‘Federalizing’ The Police, For Domestic War
If You Haven’t Noticed, — You Haven’t Been Paying Attention. …
While DHS buys enough ammo for a 30-year war, FEMA trains our police for mass arrests.

15 Members of Congress Demand Investigation of Obama’s DHS Ammunition Horde Congressman Asks; If DHS Bullet-Buys, Are Aimed at Restricting Ammo.

Government Cover-up of Ammo Purchases Implodes
Silence, secrecy and shoddy attempts at debunking the facts, have led to Congressional scrutiny.

No More, Asking For Permission To Speak
We’ve entrusted the Constitution to all three branches of the federal government for ‘safekeeping.’

Disarm The Subjects, Then Make Them Spy on Each Other: New York State’s Totalitarian Formula Every totalitarian police state requires the disarmament of its subjects. New York State isn’t North Korea, … but it’s on the same trajectory.

Homeland Security To “Scan” E-mails, and “Monitor” Web-Traffic
The U.S. Government, has decided to expand a program that scans Internet traffic, in and out of defense contractors to include more private, civilian-run operations. Now, more private sector employees will have their e-mails and Internet activities scanned, (‘monitored’).

Welcome To The USSA:
Under Obama’s Executive Order Signed Last Month, DHS Will Randomly Scan E-mails and ‘Monitor’ Web Traffic


Biden’s One-Night Paris Hotel Tab: $585,000.50

Biden’s $459,388.65 Hotel Bill in London

Al GORE: ‘Time Has Come’ For a Carbon Tax

OBAMA: ‘Something Has Been Broken In Syria’…

David Icke’s “Syria: The Truth” (Viewer Discretion Is Advised – 2:54:56)

The Emperor Has NO Clothes!
Obama Is, The Actual Global Leader of Al-Qaeda!Obama IS, — The Actual Global Head of Al-Qaeda!
Will the ‘President’ order drone strikes on the White House? Since it’s now been established, that those merely suspected of engaging in “terrorism,” including U.S. citizens, who are subject to targeted drone strikes, under the terms of his own prosecution of the fake ‘war on terror,’ Obama must immediately order a drone strike on the White House, because the facts documented within this article, incontrovertibly demonstrate; it represents the headquarters of Al-Qaeda operations worldwide!

The ‘Alex Jones Show’

On the Thursday, (March 21, 2013) edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covered the unfolding situation in Syria as the U.S. “elects” a new Syrian leader, moves to support al-Qaeda and a gruesome video surfaces showing the beheading of a civilian by the so-called “rebels.” Alex also covered the latest on efforts by the gun-grabbers to take down the Second Amendment and the Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano’s refusal to answer questions on bullet purchases by the agency. Alex talks with Jon Rappoport, [W/S] about the alleged assassin James Holmes, the CIA and MK ULTRA – Behavioral Engineering of Humans (mind control). Alex also talked with New York Times-bestselling author and investigative journalist, Greg Palast, about the banker heist. Palast is the author of; The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Billionaires and Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps.)
Go HERE, For The ‘Top Stories’ From ‘INFOWARS’

“We are facing well-orchestrated global assaults, designed to enslave, dominate and destroy us individually and, as a people. We have no choice but to fight back. One of the Principles of War however, teaches us to choose the terrain upon which we fight. What we do have is a choice. I invite you to commit yourself to this battle as I have.”
Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (U.S. Army, Retired 4-Star General)

Opposing Depopulation Agenda 21: Reservation of Rights

Free E-Book:
United Nations’ “Agenda 21”

‘Sec State’ John Kerry, Announces U.S. Support For United Nations’ Arms Trade (Gun Grab) Treaty: As the world body meets this week, to hammer out an agreement to ‘restrict international arms trade,’ our Secretary of State commits us to pushing a treaty, which may also restrict American’s Second Amendment rights.

3d printed gunType 7 Federal Firearms License Granted For 3D Printed Guns
Type 7 Federal Firearms License Granted For 3D Printed Guns Activist Post – The eyes of the world are on the innovation of 3D printing. Naturally, whenever a new technology is created that offers open source DIY opportunities to the average individual, it’s going to make governments, (and their protected corporate interests) VERY nervous.
(What ARE “3D Printed Guns” Anyway?)

Elizabeth Warren: “How Many Billions of Dollars Have To Be Laundered For Drug Lords, Before We Consider Shutting Down A Bank?”
No one ever answers the question, and Elizabeth Warren is still waiting for an answer.

$3 BILLION In Tax Dollars Fund Shrimp on Treadmills and, Jell-O Wrestling In Antarctica (WTF?!)
Report says federal research agency mismanaged $3 billion
The Senate’s top waste watcher, in a new report Thursday, said taxpayer money has gone to funding jello wrestling in the Antarctic, to testing the exercise ability of shrimp on a treadmill and to a laundry-folding robot — all funded by the “National Science Foundation.”

Ben Swann Full Disclosure: US Funding Al Qaeda in Syria. The Story You Haven’t Heard Ben Swann of “Full Disclosure” talks with Emilio Ibrahim, (a Syrian living in Damascus, Syria) about the U.S. and Saudi funding of Al Qaeda fighters, who are leading the so called ‘Syrian revolution.’

You Bought It, You Own It! Supreme Court Victory For ‘Common Sense’ and Owners Rights:
In a long-anticipated decision, the Supreme Court held the “first sale doctrine” applies to works made outside of the United States. In other words, if you bought it, you own it-no matter where it was manufactured. This’s a major victory for consumers, libraries, used bookstores, and all kinds of groups that depend on the right to lend or resell the goods they’ve legally purchased.

U.S. Regulator: ‘Bitcoin’ Exchanges Must Comply With Money-Laundering Laws:
The federal agency charged with enforcing the nation’s laws against money laundering has issued new guidelines suggesting that several parties in the Bitcoin economy qualify as Money Services Businesses under US law. Money Services Businesses (MSBs) must register with the federal government, collect information about their customers, and take steps to combat money laundering by their customers.
(What IS The ‘P2P Digital Currency’ “Bitcoin” Anyway?)

Industrial Chemicals Found In Supermarket Foods
Phthalates linked with endocrine disruption, premature breast development in girls, premature birth, and developmental alterations.

Unless You’re An Evil Demon, Who Enjoys The Suffering of Others, You’re Going To Have a VERY Hard Time Reading This Article: What You’re About To Confront Here Is; Extremely Disturbing, Racist, Murderous and, Downright EVIL. … Proceed At Your Own Risk!
Obama ‘ethics panel’ gives thumbs up to testing anthrax vaccines on American babies! (The vaccine industry has always abandoned ‘ethics’ in favor of profits…) Anthrax is a NON-issue in America. NO child needs an anthrax vaccine. This is all one big push by the corrupt government working in collusion with the criminal vaccine industry, to use human babies as guinea pigs, so the vaccine industry can sell tens of millions of doses of this vaccine, to the government under the guise of “homeland security.”
While Big Pharma’s medical scientists are no doubt drooling over the prospect of getting a presidential thumbs up for using human babies as live guinea pigs, not everybody is happy about this decision.
(Read On…)

» FREE ‘Non-GMO’ Guides:
Protect Yourself and Your Loved-ones, From Genetically Modified Food Products!

Processed foods often have hidden ‘Genetically Modified’ sources (unless they are organic, or declared non-GMO). The above link exposes the ingredients that might be made from Genetically Modified Organisms.

Free “ShopNoGMO” iPhone App:

Web Search:
“GMO Foods Cause Cancer & Organ Failure”

Web Search:
“GMOs – The Globalist’s Soft Kill Weapon”

“There is a single theme behind all our work – we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it…”
–Thomas Ferguson, (former official in the U.S. State Department Office of Population Affairs)

“Bad Seed: The Danger of Genetically Modified Food”
In the last thirty years global demand for food has doubled. In a race to feed the planet, scientists have discovered how to manipulate DNA, the blueprint of life, and produce what they claim are stronger, more disease-resistant crops. However, fears that Genetically Modified Food may not be safe for humans or the environment has sparked violent protest. Are we participating in a dangerous global nutritional experiment?
This documentary, helps the viewer decide; if the production of genetically modified food is a panacea for world hunger, … or a global poison.

‘Homeland Security’ To Let Saudi Fliers Skip Passport Controls

The hijackers in the September 11 attacks, were 19 men affiliated with Al-Qaeda, — 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabian Nationals.


» Allen West Denies Indefinite Detention in NDAA: ‘You keep talking about something that’s not there’ (WTF?!)

The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement Is Preparing To Fight:

“Eyre International” — Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You — The Hidden Truth Behind The News!
The purpose of these many articles is to help educate you into what is really happening and to fully understand that the NWO Cabal have since gone well beyond the original “Great British Empire” and has now spread it evil tentacles over most of the planet in setting up many international alliances (EU etc) and more importantly its own army known to us all as “NATO.”

Syrian Rebels (led by Al-Qaeda) Are Caught on Tape, Discussing Chemical Weapons Attack!
The recording of the phone conversation between two FSA militants, one inside Syria and one outside of the country. Abu Hassan, the militant inside Syria, asks the person on the other end of the line, to transmit a message to Sheikh Suleiman, a rebel-seized army base in Aleppo, asking for; “two chemical bombs …. phosphoric” in order to “finish this whole thing.”
“I want them to be effective,” states Hassan, adding, “The radius of the strike, or reach of the gases, has to be 1km.”

U.S. Moves to Support al-Qaeda in Syria Following Unconfirmed Chemical Attack
Obama administration official characterizes unsubstantiated attack as “game changer.”

HURT: We’re From The Government and We’re Here To Learn Everything About You…

Orwellian GOOGLE Glasses “Will Make Us Their Agents”…

Who Will Be The First Killer Wearing Google Glasses?

NASA chief tells public to ‘pray’ if asteroid on collision course for Earth detected as lawmakers hear the nation is woefully under-prepared

US’ New “Syrian PM” … Yet Another ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ Extremist

“An elective despotism was not the government we fought for; but one in which the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among the several bodies of magistracy as that no one could transcend their legal limits without being effectually checked and restrained by the others.”
–James Madison, 1788

Slow-motion explosion: Amazing video shows everything from caravans to light bulbs blowing up at an incredible 2,500 frames per second

American life through rose-tinted glasses: A look through 75 years of pictures that chart the dawn and development of color photography

If gun control passes, there will come ‘free speech control’ and the government banning of websites, books and art:
The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to establish a line in the sand that cannot be crossed by government. The founders rightly saw government as an eternal threat against freedom and justice, knowing that all governments inevitably grow…

Justice Dept. to Congress: We want greater e-mail, Facebook, Twitter snooping powers
As a US House committee prepares to meet to discuss changing outdated e-mail privacy laws, the U.S. government will today tell lawmakers that it wants greater powers to access e-mail data, along with social networking data, such as Facebook and Twitter private messages.

Obama Rebuffs Democrats On Drone Kill Memos, Asserts Executive Secrecy Prerogative:
Barry Obama rebuffed senators from his own party Tuesday, when they sought greater transparency on drone strikes, arguing that the executive branch has the right to keep such information secret from lawmakers.

Obama Administration: “Warrantless GPS Tracking Needed To Fight ‘Terrorism’”
The Obama administration will argue before a federal appeals court, that law enforcement must regain the ability to use GPS tracking devices without a warrant, which it says is necessary to continue the fight against “terrorism.”

U.S. Federal and State Governments Eliminating Private Pensions and Retirement Accounts! (What Are You SLAVES, Gonna Do About It?!) It appears the Obama administration and state governments are indeed moving to get rid of private pensions and retirement plans.

Obama Administration Tapping Into Federal Retirement Funds
All of you Federal employees, who stayed blindly loyal to the Federal Government, while turning a blind eye to the evils being perpetrated … Welcome To Your NEW Reality!

In 1913, a corrupt Congress and a corrupt President, changed the structure of the nation’s economy and stole your freedom to say “no”! The economic system was reverted to a mirror of that same system the nation fought a revolution to be free of.

“Now that Cyprus has awakened the world to just how desperate the global banking situation is, I figured it was time to reprise some of my earlier articles on the subject.”

Awaken Slaves! – How The Private Central Bank Ponzi Scheme Trapped And Destroyed America
Faced with the possibility that a new Amendment to transfer money creation from the US Government to a privately owned bank might fail and fail badly, and with the name “Third Bank of the United States” already leading to opposition to the plan, the plotters did an end run around the Constitution, passing the federal Reserve act over Christmas vacation when the members of Congress opposed to the bill would be away. The name of the new bank was then changed to “The Federal Reserve.” But, it is a private bank, no more “Federal” than Federal Express. From that moment on all currency would enter circulation as a loan at interest.



Nine Bankers Indicted For Market Manipulation

Now Argentina hits HSBC with fresh claims the bank laundered $100million
The Argentinian government is pursuing a criminal investigation into the banking giant after accusing it of creating an illegal scheme enabling clients to hide millions of dollars.
NOTE: Last year, the UK bank was fined $1.2 billion for money laundering in the U.S. and Mexico, channeling money for drug cartels.

UPDATE: ‘Whistleblower’ In JP MORGAN Bank$ter Silver Manipulation Scandal Injured In Mysterious Hit & Run
(Interesting update on a bizarre case. …)

Rich CEOs Trying to Pay Even LESS in Taxes
A lobby group for more than 200 CEOs is launching a campaign to reduce the corporate tax rate to 25 percent and loosen restrictions on offshore tax havens, reports The Hill.

Cops: U.S. Law, Should Require Logs of Text Messages
AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and other wireless providers would be required to capture and store Americans’ confidential text messages, according to a proposal that will be presented to a congressional panel.

10 Cheapest Places To Live In The U.S.
As the tough economic times continue in the U.S., many people are looking to cut down on their expenses by moving to more affordable cities and towns.

Any five-year old child knows, if you put ten marbles into a tin can, you can only take ten marbles back out.

Sandy Hook Shooting ‘Oddities’

Cyprus Government’s ‘Great Bank Robbery’ of Private Accounts May Set Off Bank Runs Across Europe:
There’s only one reason people leave money in a bank: because they think it’s safe there. … They think they can get their money back out when they ask for it. This trust is what makes bank accounts possible, and without this trust, there is no longer any reason to put money in any bank. … The bottom line of the Cyprus story is, — politicians are forcing a new 10 billion euro “bailout” (banker theft) to be paid, — directly from the bank accounts of ordinary people. …

After The Banksters Steal Money From Bank Accounts In Cyprus, They Will Start Doing It EVERYWHERE!


ITALIAN Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Citizens Savings:

The ‘Australian Government’ is now set to ‘legally’(?) seize money from citizens bank accounts without their knowledge or approval. Keep your eyes and ears open, watch for bank runs. The bankster-run world governments, are hungry for cash!


CONFI$CATION: Panicked Europeans Rush ATMs as Leaders Move To Seize Funds Directly From Bank Account Holders:

Rand Paul & “Mr. Blasty” Go To Washington!
‘Blasty’ the Drone is back!
This time, he’s taking a look at Rand Paul’s filibuster and Obama’s drone war at home, (and abroad).

The Internet IS The Surveillance State:
The Internet is a surveillance state. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, and whether we like it or not, we’re being tracked all the time. Google tracks us, both on its pages and on other pages it has access to. Facebook does the same; it even tracks non-Facebook users. Apple tracks us on our iPhones and iPads. One reporter used a tool called Collusion to track who was tracking him; 105 companies tracked his Internet use during one 36-hour period.
Read On…
Hence; The “World-Wide Web!”

What ARE Your Rights, At Various Types of “Checkpoints?”

The ‘Devil’ In History Channel’s TV Show “The Bible” Bears Striking Resemblance To PBO:
LOL! (Imagine That!)

Enviro-Eugenicists Announce Mass Die-Off | In order to facilitate a massive “die-off,” the professor proposes global governance to make sure the directives will be universally applied.

Press Release: Attorney Orly Taitz talks to four congressmen, (and multiple Go HERE To Find Out, The Many Reasons Why!members of the media) during CPAC 2013. Congressmen are stating, he Department of Justice, (who supposedly acted on their behalf in Grinols case) never forwarded to them any documents, they were clueless. If the Department of Justice went behind the backs of the U.S. Congress, then this is a scandal, — MUCH Bigger Than The ‘Watergate’ Crimes.
SIGN THE (‘Petition2Congress’) PETITION:
Start Immediate Investigation of Barack Obama’s Use of Forged IDs and a Connecticut Social Security Number, Which Was Never Assigned To Him.
Go HERE, To SIGN THE (‘Petition2Congress’) PETITION!

Gerald Celente: “Trends In The News” Interest Rate Rally! Gerald Celente’s “Trends In The News” Video Archives

Flying Drone, Gets Terrifying ‘Eagle Claw’ To Carry-off Victims: New Drone Could ‘Snatch Humans Off the Street’

Score Another One For The Good Guys!
Oregon Company To Sell Drone Defense Technology To Public Anti-drone Devices For Sale: Military contractor claims to have Counter-UAV Technology:
Wouldn’t YOU Like To Keep Those Nosy, Dangerous Drones Out of YOUR Backyard?
An Oregon company says that it’s developed, (and will soon start selling) the technology, which will disable unmanned aircraft. The company, Domestic Drone Countermeasures was founded, because some of its engineers see unmanned aerial vehicles, as unwanted “eyes in the sky.” (Drones are already being used by law enforcement in some areas and will see even wider commercial use and integration into American airspace by 2015).

10 Giant Media & Government Hoaxes!

The Catholic Cardinals who met to vote on the new Pope, came to their decision at a time where mystical numbers and moon phases indicated something sinister may have been happening. This most assuredly would have sent prophecy hopefuls spinning yarns of conspiracy theories. … If you know how to read the signs, then you know what’s coming. Clyde Lewis at “Ground Zero” was joined by author/intuitive Betsey Lewis, to discuss the numerology and synchronicities of; “Sistine Thirteen: Prophecy And The Cardinal Of Death.” (Full Story Here…)

Hand_Pointing-Right-anim Listen To This Fascinating “Ground Zero” Show:

Web Search: “Author, International Intuitive & Talk Show Host, Betsey Lewis”

Betsey Lewis’ Website: BetseyLewis.Com

Ground Zero, (Home):

Ω The Jesuit’s Oath:

International Arrest Warrant Issued Against Pope Francis I, Jorge Mario Bergoglio,
For Crimes Against Humanity and Child Trafficking

Sex, Violence & Satan: 6 Unbelievably Dumb Congressional Hearings

Shades of Thomas Paine:
Here’s The Complete List of FBI Pamphlets, Listing Potential “Terrorist Activities” For Various Businesses.

New Monsanto ‘Protection Act,’ Gives Monsanto Power Over The U.S. Gov’t
There’s truly no “rest for the wicked” and Monsanto is at war once again, against health conscious consumers with the latest “Monsanto Protection Act,” managing to sneak wording into the latest Senate legislation, which would give Monsanto blanket immunity from any USDA action, regarding the potential dangers of their genetically modified creations while under review. The USDA would be unable to act against any and all new GMO crops, suspected to be wreaking havoc on either human health or the environment.

Producer: ‘Weird Things’ Happened on “THE BIBLE” Set

FREE Windows Repair And Recovery Tools!

WWII in Color: Rare photos from 1942 show ‘Flying Fortress’ Bombers and Their Heroic Crews In The ‘Mighty 8th’ Command

‘Shape shifting’ Jesus had the ability to escape his crucifixion, newly deciphered ancient Egyptian text claims

‘Stealth Wear’ Clothing Line, Hides You From Drones

Obama to allow spy agencies to scour Americans’ finances…

Spy agencies will be handed widespread access to financial data under new Government plans

More ‘very high profile’ celebrities set to be arrested over child sex allegations within next few weeks!

Cheney Admits He Lied About September 11, 2001
In a documentary soon to appear on Showtime, The World According to Dick Cheney,” [Cheney said] “I got on the telephone with the president, who was in Florida, and told him not to be at one location where we could both be taken out.” Mr. Cheney kept W. flying aimlessly in the air on 9/11 while he and Lynn left on a helicopter for a secure undisclosed location, leaving Washington in a bleak, scared silence, with no one reassuring the nation in those first terrifying hours: “I gave the instructions that we’d authorize our pilots to take it out,” he says, referring to the jet headed to Washington that crashed in a Pennsylvania field. He adds: “After I’d given the order, it was pretty quiet. Everybody had heard it, and it was obviously a significant moment.”
(Grab ‘The Rest of The Story, HERE …)

WEB SEARCH: Homeland Security – Markus Wolf and Gen. Yevgeny Primakov

WEB SEARCH: U.S. Government Hired Markus Wolf and KGB General Yevgeny Primakov To Set-Up ‘Homeland’ Security

Shouting Truth To Power!
Dan @

“In A Time of Universal Deceit,
Telling The Truth,
IS A Revolutionary Act.”
–George Orwell, (aka; Eric Blair)


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