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North Korea Threatens To Fire Long-range Rockets at Mainland America AND, U.S. Military Bases In The Pacific

~ Tuesday, March 26, 2013 ~

The ‘Alex Jones Show’

Ted-Nugent_95x95On the Tuesday, March 26 edition of the Alex Jones Show, legendary guitarist and devoted NRA supporter Ted Nugent joins Alex in discussing firearm phobe Jim Carrey’s anti-Second Amendment music video, which blasts millions of law-abiding gun owners while also desecrating American hero Charlton Heston’s memory. We’ll also cover George Soros-funded Obama front group Think Progress’ two cents on the DHS ammo solicitations, a weapons manufacturer confirming that the massive bullet buys are a deliberate end run around the Second Amendment, and a military SWAT drill conducted in Albany where residents were threatened with arrest.

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North Korea Threatens To Fire Long-range Rockets at Mainland America AND, U.S. Military Bases In The Pacific
The communist country’s state media has said its strategic rocket and long-range artillery units have been ordered to enter the highest level of combat mode and are trained on three targets. Kim Jong-Un’s dictatorship said on television, it would be looking to hit Guam, Hawaii and mainland America after U.S. bombers flew more sorties threatening the North. SEE ALSO: NORTH KOREA PUTS ARTILLERY FORCES AT TOP COMBAT POSTURE:

EUROZONE CHIEF: Personal Savings Accounts In Spain, Italy WILL Be Raided, To Save Euro:

“I Don’t Trust You One Inch!” UK Parliament Member, Godfrey Bloom, Tells ECB Chief (Former Goldman Sachs Executive) “Super Mario” Draghi

What Happens When A REAL Journalist, Forces A Banker To Actually, Answer The Question of WHY Do The People In Ireland Have To Pay, While The “Defunked” BANK$ Rip Them Off?! It’s hard not to appreciate how thoroughly Irish journalist Vincent Browne, dresses-down these ECB bankster’s multiple attempts to Bullsh!t their way out of answering the hard(?) question. … You’ll NEVER See ANY ‘Western Journalist’ Doing This!

Leader of The UK Independence Party, (UKIP) Nigel Farage: Greece Under Commission ECB IMF Dictatorship

See Also:
Nigel Farage: “The Fight for Freedom and Democracy” (1 Hour)

CYPRUS: Banks Still Closed; Depositors To Lose 40% of Savings:

The “BRICS” Nations, (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) Plan New Bank To Bypass IMF World Bank:
The biggest emerging markets are uniting, to tackle under-development and currency volatility with plans to set up institutions that encroach on the roles of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Savings Could Be ‘Raided’ Across Eurozone:
Finance chief warns more EU taxpayers could be targeted, as Cyprus ‘rescue’ is set to become first of many
The Cyprus rescue package – under which bank customers will have a chunk of their cash seized to bail out troubled lenders – could become a template for dealing with other creaking banking systems, Jeroen Dijsselbloem suggested.

Euro Group Head: Looting of Bank Accounts a “Template For EU”
More deposits to be plundered across continent!

Health Insurance Rates To DOUBLE Under Obamacare:
Prepare To Dish Out MORE Money, — For LESS Healthcare!

FAA Predicts 10,000 Drones Could Be In the Skies By 2020
After a bill cleared Congress last year, the FAA predicted there would be 30,000 by 2020. They’ve apparently revised estimate.

“The spirit of encroachment, tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position.”
–George Washington, 1796 (Farewell Address)

Watch Out For Hidden Toxins Within; Vitamins, Supplements and “Health” Foods.
This article lists the ten hidden toxins to watch out for, and you’ll be surprised at several of them…

25 Examples of Blatant Liberal Racism (In Quotes)!
However, if you have any common sense and don’t think “Obamacare,” Excessive Taxes, Gun “Control” and the dissolution of the U.S. Constitution Is a Good, (or acceptable) Idea, Then you’re Labeled By These Tyrants as; “Racist!”

Why I Totally Support Background Checks, … For Members of Congress AND, The Obama Administration
“In the midst of the big debate about “background checks,” I thought it important to weigh in on the issue and profess my full and total support for background checks… for members of Congress. We need to know who these people are, how they all seem to collect so much financial wealth while “serving the public,” and whether they have any history of violating their sworn oaths of office to the Constitution.”
–Mike Adams, (The ‘Health Ranger’)

Drug-Sniffing Dog Case Fails Supreme Court’s Smell Test
By a 5-4 vote, the high court upheld a Florida ruling that suppressed evidence found in a marijuana possession case, after a police drug-sniffing dog was brought near a home and alerted officers. The Florida court rejected the evidence, saying officers did not have probable cause to use the dog.
(The SCOTUSblog’s got more on the case.)

SUPREME COURT: Drug Dogs/Cops Need Warrant To ‘Sniff’ Homes

BILL GATES’ $100 MILLION DATABASE, — TO ‘TRACK’ STUDENTS: Corps gaining access to grades, addresses, attitudes…

As spring break begins for schoolchildren across the country, thousands of students will travel to Washington, DC. The trips, funded by bake sales and other events throughout the year, will allow the students to take in Washington’s historic landmarks. … However, one premier destination is off-limits this year.

One Vacation a Month For The Obamas In 2013
In the first three months of the year, members of the ‘first family’ have been on three vacations, averaging one vacation per month. And now, (it’s reported) the first daughters are on a spring break vacation in the Bahamas.

“Guccifer” Hacked E-mails, Link Tony Blair, To ‘Top-secret’ Bohemian Grove Gathering
“Attending the elusive ‘Bohemian Grove’ retreat, should be a priority for former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair,” News Corp executive Andrew Knight allegedly wrote in an e-mail to U.S. Gen. Colin Powell, obtained by “Russia Today.”
The computer hacker, (known only as; “Guccifer”) has once again supplied RT with a trove of personal e-mails in which’ the private correspondence between some of the world’s most influential men is put under the looking glass. The hacker’s target was, (once again) former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and this time, the discourse dives into a topic rarely discussed: The Annual Summer ‘Retreat’ In July, At Sonoma County California’s Bohemian Grove. … [Where those in attendance, participate in the “Cremation of Care” Ceremony, in which, they pay homage to a 40′ stone owl, (“Molech”) and burn a child in mock(?) Sacrifice, — by robe-clad druid-like priests. … THIS, (by the way) Is Perfectly NORMAL Behavior, By World Heads-of-State and Top Members of The ‘Military Industrial Complex”?!]

Special Report: Tony Blair Urged To Attend Bohemian Grove Ritual
Hacked e-mails reveal, Tony Blair was urged by other elitists to attend the “Bohemian Grove” mock sacrifice ritual.

“Deficit Hawkman” Returns! (by Mark Fiore) Once again, “Deficit Hawkman” returns to save the day! See what Paul Ryan has in mind for the nation, the economy and the “Grand Bargain.”
(Visit Mark Fiore’s Website & YouTube Channel!)

NATO Study Finds; U.S.-Israeli Cyberattack on Iran Was an “Act of Force.”
The 2009 cyberattack by the U.S. and Israel that crippled Iran’s nuclear program by sabotaging industrial equipment constituted “an act of force” and was likely illegal under international law, according to a manual commissioned by NATO’s cyber defense center in Estonia.
“Acts that kill or injure persons or destroy or damage objects are unambiguously uses of force,” according to “The Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare.”

Homeland “Security” To Military: We Will Absorb You:


Eye-Roller, (Barf!) of The Century!
‘Big Sis’ Napolitano Doesn’t Rule-out 2016 Run For Presidency:

Obama Front Group, Labels ‘Big Sis’ DHS Bullet Buys As; “Debunked Conspiracy Theory”
‘Think Progress’ fails to address fundamental flaw in DHS’ explanation.

Congressman: “It’s My Duty” To Get To The Bottom of These Massive DHS Ammo Buys
“Our law enforcement can’t seem to buy their own ammunition”

YouTube Search:
“Mark Potok – Patriot Group Threat”

If You Happen To See a B-52 Bomber, Targeting YOUR Home!

Some people couldn’t help but notice, the iconic B-52 Stratofortress bomber used, (what appears to be) the garden of a civilian house, as the target of its simulated bombing run.

Obama Ignores Nullification:
Says Federal Agents WILL Enforce Obamacare!
Barrack Obama says he won’t wait on states to enforce Obamacare, (aka; the “Affordable Care Act”). Instead, his administration’s announced its intent to completely disregard the state’s Tenth Amendment rights to nullification of the Obamacare law, via their passed legislation and state constitutions. In fact, his administration’s said, “in states where they refuse to comply with federal healthcare mandates, agents from the Department of Health and Human Services will assume absolute control over the state’s health insurance industry.”
The Color of Darkness:
Vivid pictures of first Nazi concentration camps, give chilling insight into the dawn of the Holocaust, (And a warning for the future…)

Inside Mussolini’s WWII Bunker:
First pictures of fascist leader’s secret lair, he had built to protect himself from RAF bomber strikes on his Rome headquarters

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