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The Globalists Want To TAX The INTERNET!

~ Thursday, March 28, 2013 ~

The ‘Alex Jones Show’

Ammo_95x95On the Thursday, March 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex tackles the veritable treasure trove of information being disclosed about Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, (See Below links) and examines “Big Sis” stonewalling questions about DHS’s suspiciously large ammo solicitations, causing shortages nationwide. (Again, ‘See links Below’) Alex also breaks down the provision, (in a recently passed bill) known as the “Monsanto Protection Act.” ALSO, actor/comedian Jim Carrey’s attack on the Second Amendment and, the various ways to ‘fend off’ the creeping criminal globalist takeover.
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The Globalists Want To TAX The INTERNET!
Say NO To The Internet Tax Scheme! SIGN THIS PETITION:
The ONLY Thing Politicians Love More Than Spending Your Money Is, … Taking MORE of It!
As early as next week, statists in BOTH parties, are set to ram through, a new taxing scheme, that’s been in the works for years; — The ‘National Internet Tax Mandate.’ … Should it pass, every man, woman, and child in the country will feel the pinch, as Congress takes a MASSIVE bite out of American prosperity.
Sign The Petition!
Sign The “No National Internet Tax” Petition, To Make YOUR Voice Heard!

By The Way, WOW!
New Draft Of “COMPUTER FRAUD AND ABUSE ACT” Allows Gov’t To Incarcerate ‘ANY Internet User’

“Biometric National ID” Card Coming Soon To America:
(The Federal Gubment, WILL Mandate This For ALL Workers):
CONTROL, — IS What Fuels Many Congress-critters. Recently, two U.S. senators met with ‘President’ Barry Obama, vouching for a biometric national ID card, which will force workers nationwide, to submit to a fingerprint, hand, and, (or) iris scan. Any worker failing to comply with this biometric tracking mandate, would be terminated from their job. The program would be titled; the “Believe System,” an acronym for “Biometric Enrollment, Locally stored Information and Electronic Verification of Employment”
PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION: The “No National ID” Petition

Mexican Illegal ‘Immigrant’ Scales 18-foot Fence, Jumps Across U.S.Bborder –-
A Few Yards Away From Four U.S. Senators Who Were On a ‘Fact-finding’ Tour–just-yards-away-US-senators-fact-finding-tour.html

McCain and Three Other Senators, Get Practical Introduction To “Border Control,” When a Woman Fleeing Mexico Scales 18ft Fence Right In Front of Them!

Pentagon Sends B-2 Bombers To South Korea

North Korea Cuts All Channels With South As ‘War May Break Out Any Time’

North Korea launches phony war:
Doctored picture turns five military hovercraft into eight–North-forced-Photoshop-military-might.html

New Details on Bin Laden “Killing” Calls ‘Official’ Narrative Into Question…

Osama Kill Story Falls Apart Under Scrutiny…

Dr. Steve Pieczenik:
“Zero Dark Thirty” The ‘Killing of Bin Laden’ IS a Lie AND,
The Sandy Hook ‘Shooting’ WAS, A Total False Flag Operation: Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the New York Times best-selling “Tom Clancy’s Op-Center” and Tom Clancy’s Net Force” book series. He’s also one of the world’s most experienced international crisis managers and hostage negotiators. His novels are based on his twenty years experience in resolving international crises for five U.S. administrations. Dr. Pieczenik received his B.A. from Cornell University, was trained in Psychiatry at Harvard and has both an M.D. from Cornell University Medical College and a Photo. in International Relations from M.I.T. (In other words, THIS guy, KNOWS, what he’s talking about. …)

The Cover-Up of Adam Lanza’s Link to Psychotropic Drugs
Books on autism, Asperger syndrome found in home of New town shooter, but no drugs — despite reports Lanza was on medication.
Adam Lanza Docs Released… NO DETAILS ON MEDS!

Thousands of armed vigilantes takeover Mexican town, arrest police and shoot at tourists after ‘commander’ is killed and dumped in the street

The Coming ‘Civil War’ And The Litmus Test: “Will YOU Shoot Americans?!
Dr. Jim Garrow is a renowned author and whistleblower, who’s been nominated for a Nobel peace prize for his humanitarian work.

“Big Sis” Ignores Congressman’s Demand For Briefing on Bullet Buys: “Congress deserves an answer” on huge ammo purchases!


Biden: Senate Gun Bill Vote “Only The Beginning”
Biden says Congress WILL Ultimately, — FORCE The American People, To Report Gun Purchases To The Federal Government. [Oh, REALLY?!]

Perhaps Biden Means This:
U.N. “Small Arms Treaty” Enters Eleventh Hour
Enemies of the Second Amendment, scurry to get treaty draft finalized.

Gun Store Owners: Ammo Shipments Aren’t Even Making It To Shelves! Customers “Are Buying Up Everything!”

Chicago Ranks LAST, In Prosecuted Federal Gun Crimes!

The Harm Principle: “FEMA Unmasked”

CONFIRMED: U.S. Shipping Weapons To Syria – Al Nusra’s “Mystery” Sponsors Revealed New York Times article, admits CIA’s been shipping weapons to Syria, — while simultaneously trying to spin America’s role in arming militants. [Who, (by the way) ARE Al-Qaeda fighters, NOT from Syria!]

In an outrageous betrayal of all Americans, Obama signed the “Act” into law. This law gives Monsanto authority over federal courts, allowing it to plant experimental GMO crops, — even if they pose an extreme risk to human and environmental health.
Here’s The Full Story:

Are YOU Surprised?!
Monsanto Openly Wrote It’s Own Monsanto Protection Act! Monsanto Actually Authored The Wording of Its OWN Monsanto Protection Act, Which Obama Signed Into Law!

Top 10 Excuses, For Obama Signing The “Monsanto Protection Act” Yes, there was a rider in it. … A Monsanto and biotech rider.

Monsanto’s Number One Lobbyist: Barrack Obama
(‘Flashback’ Sept. 25, 2012 Article)



The Global Elite, Are Very Clearly Telling Us, They Plan To Raid Our Bank Accounts!
Don’t be surprised, when one day, the global elite confiscate money from YOUR bank account!

Marc Faber: “Not Even Gold Will Save You From What’s Coming!”
Faber: “My concern is, we’re going to have a systemic crisis where it’s going to be very difficult to hide.”

Food Stamps Swell, — As Economy ‘Improves’?

Expect These Eight Steps, From The Government’s Playbook:
To anyone paying attention, reality is now painfully obvious. These bankrupt, insolvent governments have just about run out of fingers to plug the dikes. And, as history shows, once this happens, governments fall back on a very limited playbook…

BUZZKILL: Cash-strapped States, Eyeing Legalizing Pot, For New Tax Revenue

The American Cancer Society’s Deceiving Americans About Aspartame
The dangers of aspartame and the diseases associated with its usage, are insignificant to conventional science and government-sponsored health agencies. In fact, — You Would Cringe In Disbelief, If You Read The Official Statements

SEQUESTER JESTER: Feds Spend $1.18 MILLION On, … Puppets!

$880,000 To Study The Benefits of, … Snail Sex!

Yeah, Right: Our Rulers Want Your Comments, on The TSA
I’m of a mixed mind, whether to dignify this nonsense with participation. (Or, to be the one who has an opinion about Hitlers ‘Gestapo’ in the late 1930’s)

Obama Sand Storm Apocalypse Signs: The Israel Farewell Cancelled: “Cursed shalt thou be when thou comest in,
and cursed shalt thou be when thou goest out.”

–Deuteronomy 28:19

Google Street View cameras take you inside the nuclear ghost towns created in the wake of Fukushima disaster

Bearing the scars of a decade of war:
Poignant pictures of life in Baghdad ten years on from invasion

The Syrian Boy Soldier, With The “Thousand-yard Stare”:
The sad image of a seven year-old child soldier…

“How prone all human institutions have been to decay; how subject the best-formed and most wisely organized governments have been to lose their check and totally dissolve; how difficult it has been for mankind, in all ages and countries, to preserve their dearest rights and best privileges, impelled as it were by an irresistible fate of despotism.”
–James Monroe, 1788


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