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U.S. Morality, Continues It’s Steady Decline, — MEANWHILE, The United States Held ‘SECRET’ Meetings, — With North Korean Officials In New York, Back In March 2013

~ Tuesday, April 9, 2013 ~

The ‘Alex Jones Show’ (Monday, April 8, 2013)

On the Tuesday, April 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex tears apart the steadfast push to tamp down so-called “gun violence” as Obama once again parades the dead children of the Newtown tragedy for maximum emotional manipulation of the masses. Alex also breaks down the DHS audaciously testing surveillance drone technology that can detect whether or not a person is armed. On today’s show Alex welcomes American musician Dan Spitz and his wife Candi Spitz to speak about their fight against autism and their ongoing crusade to alert as many people as possible to the dangers of vaccines.
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U.S. Morality, Continues It’s Steady Decline:
FCC Set To Drop The ‘Ban’ on The words; “Fuck”and “Shit” on Radio and TV, As Well As Frontal Female Nudity on Prime-Time Television:
Specifically, if enacted, the new FCC policy would allow network television and local radio stations to air the word; Fuck and the word; Shit, as well as allow programs to show frontal female nudity, even during ‘prime-time’ hours when they know, children will be watching and listening.

Exclusive: United States Held SECRETMeeting, — With North Korean Official In New York, Back In March 2013
A top State Department official met with a top representative of the North Korean government in New York in March. Clifford Hart, (State Department’s special envoy to the now-defunct six-party talks) met North Korea’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Han Song-ryol in mid-March, just before North Korea began its latest string of provocative statements and actions, say diplomatic sources.

(The Pre-planned Globalist ‘False Flag’ Operation Is About To Begin On Wednesday?!)
NORTH KOREA “TO LAUNCH MISSILE TOMORROW” (Wednesday, April 10th, 2013)!

NK Warns Foreigners To Leave South Korea

U.S. Ambassador Blogs About Family Vacation, Amid North Korean Tensions:

Japan Deploys ‘Patriot Missiles’ To Defend Tokyo:

U.S. Navy Deploying Laser Weapon Near Iran:
The Pentagon has a long history of grossly inflating claims for its experimental weapons, but a nonpartisan study for Congress, say the weapon offered the U.S. Navy historic opportunities.

SEQUESTER? What Sequester?!

Yet Another Exclusive Party At The White House, — At Taxpayer Expense!
(Will The White House Release The ‘Guest List’?)


10th White House ‘Command Performance’ For Obamas…

Celebrities Demand Obama Ease Drug Policy:

COPS: Man Pulls BB Gun as Obama Motorcade Passes…
(What A F#@kin’ Idiot…)

Obama Bribes Families of Newtown CT Victims, With Flight On ‘Air Force One’… At Taxpayers Expense:–abc-news-politics.html
“We want you to know that we’re here with you,” he said. “We’re as determined as ever, to do what must be done.” Before his remarks, the president met privately with several families of children who died in the Sandy Hook shooting. Many of Those Families, Then Boarded “Air Force One” — On Their Way To Washington, To ‘Lobby’ Congress.

Obama Slams Republicans For Gun Reform “Stunts” (Hypocrisy?)

It’s Time, To “Sequester” Air Force One’
Vacation Flights — ‘Air Force One’ Costs Taxpayers $179,750 Per HOUR!

Navy Cancels “Blue Angels” Shows For 2013, Due To ‘Sequester’ Cuts:
The Blue Angels, the Navy’s revered aerial acrobats, have been grounded for the rest of the year, due to sequestration cuts. The Navy announced the cancellation of over 30 shows for the stunt-flying team, that were scheduled through November, 2013 citing budget cuts imposed by the Department of Defense.

Oh, By The Way, . . .
Africa: The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama’s Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize:
The Nobel Peace Prize Barry Obama received in 2009, is one of the most appalling Orwellian awards of this century. — No Barry Soetoro Obama, … War, Is NOT Peace!
(To sign the petition, urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to revoke President Obama’s Peace Prize, Go Here:

Gosnell Worker Heard Baby “Screaming” During Live Birth Abortion
Macabre case involving abortionist receives zero national attention.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
“We’re gonna swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America”

VP Joe Biden: “Black Helicopter Crowd Is Really Upset”

DHS’ “Big Sis” Is Testing Drones, That Can Detect Guns
DHS claims the technology will not be used for “nefarious” purposes. … (Right. Uh-huh, Ok.)

Obama Demands Vote On 2nd Amendment During Hartford Speech Calls efforts by Rand Paul and others to oppose legislation “political stunts.”

NY Gov. Cuomo Turns Neighbors Into Citizen Spies For The State: $500 Reward For Turning-In Gun Owners
In the former Soviet Union, so-called “political officers” spread throughout the country’s civilian and military communities were used to “monitor” (Spy on) the population at large, looking for any critics of, (or detractors from) the party line. Violators were punished harshly, and usually with long sentences to labor camps (prison) so they could be “rehabilitated.”

WTF?! Police Confiscate Man’s Guns Over Son’s Water Pistol “Threat” Latest example of anti-Second Amendment hysteria, reaches new level of absurdity.

ATF Targets Brain-damaged Black Man, To Set Up As Patsy For Fabricated “Gun Crimes.”
This’s how the ATF really operates…

15 People Injured In TX Campus Stabbing Spree, (2 in ‘Critical Condition) No Guns Used!
15 people were stabbed Today, (April 9th) on the campus of the ‘Lone Star Community College’ campus, in Cypress, Texas, after a male suspect, using a small knife, ran from building to building, randomly attacking various individuals, along the way. …
(Too Bad Someone Wasn’t ARMED, — They Could Have Stopped This A-Hole!)

Time Columnist: Warning Others About Government Oppression Is “Anti-American Crap” Klein supports democide but says you are “paranoid” if you question government.

Study Shows, — Flu Vaccine Linked To High Risk of NARCOLEPSY In Those Under 30:
Children aren’t the only ones at high risk of developing the chronic neurological disorder narcolepsy, in conjunction with the pandemic swine flu vaccine Pandemrix, according to a new study.

Dateline TV Producer Tests Her Own Urine For ‘Bisphenol A’ (BPA) and Other Chemicals, After Changing Daily Habits, — Finds Shocking Results! A recent investigative report by NBC Dateline producer Andrea Canning has revealed some shocking new details about the pervasive nature of chemicals in both everyday consumer products and the general food supply.

Intelligence Insider: Obama Administration’s Agenda Is To “Kill The U.S Dollar” “The ultimate objective is to implement an international currency, in tandem with a system of global governance…”

The “It Can’t Happen Here” Syndrome: Up to half of the population in America, is suffering from “Normalcy Bias.”
A PRIME EXAMPLE: “It Can’t Happen Here” Syndrome:

BitcoinThe “BITCOIN” Bubble: Why Speculative Bitcoin Buy-ins, Now Point To a Disastrous Bitcoin Crash?!
Bitcoin is a powerful, game-changing crypto currency that could, (literally) change the world.

WARNING: The Economic Collapse: Petrogold Are Russia And China, ‘Hoarding’ Gold Because They Plan To Kill The Petrodollar?

Gov’t Finds Americans Skipping Prescriptions to Save Money

25 Things You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse:

California Welfare Vacations:
“Around The World, On $69 Million In Welfare Funds!”

Let’s See What “Judge Judy” Has To Say About ‘Welfare’ …
(And how it’s tearing our country apart…)

France Faces ‘Devastating Scandal’ as Economy Stalls

French Politicians, Rushing To Reveal Their Assets!

MORE BAD NEWS: Mali Locals Eat Hollande’s Camel

U.S. & Japan Now Global Allies,– In Printing Money

IRS Now “Robo-audits” Your Spending, (By Chuck Norris):

PETA Plans To Fly Drones Which Would ‘Stalk Hunters’
PETA says it’s actively shopping for a drone to monitor hunters.

Please, … Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!
Demure, (Former White House Press Secretary) Dana Perino, Shocks FOX’s “Red Eye” Panel, Over Carrey Anti-gun Video; “Jim Carrey’s a Coward and an Asshole!” (ROFLOL!)

Eight Tips on How to Make Your ‘SmartPhone’ Battery Last Longer
If there’s one thing that can be annoying about a smartphone, it’s a battery that runs down too soon. Here are some tips on how to keep that battery power flowing. The details of configuring settings vary somewhat among the different platforms, but these items are worth looking at.
See Also:
» “Best Android Tips and Tricks”
» “Best iPad Tips and Tricks”

MICROSOFT Ads, Skewer GOOGLE For Sharing User Information

Major Networks Promise a Fight As AEREO Threatens To Alter TV Landscape:

White House Criticizes Ban On Technology Products From China

Will Facebook Have AHome For Privacy?
Facebook “Home” officially launches Friday and privacy is (not surprisingly) the nagging question.

INFOWARS Nightly News, (Tuesday, April 9, 2013)


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