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NORTH KOREA HAS NUKES! (That The U.S. Government via Donald Rumsfeld’s ABB AND, The CIA Sold Them!)

~ Friday & Saturday, April 12th & 13th, 2013 ~

The ‘Alex Jones Show’ (Friday, April 12, 2013)

On the Friday, April 12 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down how the U.S. helped North Korea attain the means to develop a nuclear arsenal. He also explains how the nuke strike threat may be a clever distraction keeping us from focusing on the accelerating disintegration of liberties at home, and how it can ultimately be used to usher in World War 3. Alex will also analyze how senators weren’t allowed to read SB 49 prior to cloture, and how DARPA is helping develop robots that ‘think’ like a human brain. On the show today, Alex welcomes primetime anchor at WXIX Fox 19 in Cincinnati and investigative journalist, Ben Swann to discuss his courageous work in questioning and exposing controversial news items.
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Lawmaker drops bombshell: North Korea May Have Nuclear Missiles:
An unclassified Pentagon report not yet released to the public suggests that North Korea can arm missiles with nuclear warheads, a lawmaker revealed Thursday.

Bombshell? N-Korea has nukes, capable of striking neighboring nations, says Pentagon:
Nuclear bombshell: North Korea has nukes capable of striking neighboring nations, says Pentagon. A classified Defense Intelligence Agency report described in testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday reveals that “North Korea now has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles.”

U.S. Raises Nuclear Alert To “DEFCON 3” While China Mobilizes, Massing Troops on The North Korean Border:
Friday, April 12, the US raised its nuclear alert status to DEFCON 3.


BOW OR BREAK: SecState Kerry’s on The Scene…

Kerry Contradicts Intel Report…

Pentagon Deploys Sea Radar


China Conducting Military Drills


PSY’s New Single Steals Attention

It’s ‘Party Time’ In Pyongyang!

Oh, — BY THE WAY, Wait Just A Second!
Who Sold NK The Nukes, — In The First Place?!

The U.S. Government AND, The CIA, THAT’S WHO!

Web Search: “Donald Rumsfeld’s ABB Sold Nuclear Weapon Equipment to North Korea”

Bilderberg Group Meeting 2013:
Criminal Globalist Confab, To Take Place In Watford UK; June 6-9. Hotel staff was told the “high profile” group, will descend on luxury venue this year, to (once again) decide the fate of planet Earth’s inhabitants.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The White House Website, Employs Gun Control Pop-Up Ad The ‘official’ White House website, (at the time of this post) has a ‘pop-up’ ad, — for Gun Control, … blocking any visitors from getting to its actual homepage.

Bloomberg-backed Group Ad, Presses Senators For Gun Control
Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” is launching a round of television ads, to pressure seven Republican senators, (and two Democrats) to vote for a bipartisan proposal to expand background checks.

NRA’s LaPierre on Assault Weapons Rhetoric: “It’s All a Lie!”

Web Search:
“Virtually ALL Mass Shooters Were Liberal Democrats
Astonishing; They Are The VERY Ones, Wishing To Disarm The American People. … Me thinks perhaps, they will mow us all down, — If, (or when) they accomplish their goal of complete disarmament. …

Grassfire & Patriot Action’s Save The 2nd Weekend!”
Regardless of when the vote takes place, Grassfire and PAN are going to use whatever time we have, to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights. This weekend, we’ve launched a final push to what could be our last chance to mobilize 250,000 signers for our “I Support the Second Amendment” petition.
Help save the Second Amendment by urging your family and friends to join you in signing our petition. Tell them to click here to add their names to Grassfire’s “I Support the Second Amendment” Petition:
Please use whatever free time you have this weekend to share this petition via Facebook, Twitter, email and any other social media available:

Ted Nugent To CNN’s Erin Burnett:
“Do You Agree Eric Holder Should Be Arrested, For Gun Trafficking?” NRA board member (and hard rocker) Ted Nugent, slammed background checks and infringements on the Second Amendment in an interview on Erin Burnett’s CNN show last night. In the clip, Burnett mentions the gun confiscation taking place in New York. Nugent also calls for the arrest of Attorney General Eric Holder for the “Fast & Furious” gun trafficking, False Flag operation, against the 2nd amendment.

AZ Senator Harry Reid’s 100-clip Magazine …
Remark demonstrates manifest arrogance of establishment political class moving to legislate away our natural rights.

Barry Obama: “Shame on us, if we’ve forgotten Newtown!” As Congress plans to take up some gun regulation measures next month, Obama is calling for their passage at a White House press conference. He spoke alongside mothers who support firearms control, some of whom had family members killed by gun violence. Mr. Obama said that despite opponents’ efforts to “run out the clock” on such efforts, Americans had not forgotten the impact of the massacre last December in Newtown, Connecticut. “Less than 100 days ago that happened, and the entire country was shocked,” Mr Obama said. “And the entire country pledged, we would do something about it and that this time would be different. Shame on us if we’ve forgotten.” Listen to one of the biggest, brazen lies from Barry Soetoro Obama; “90% of Americans Agree To Background Checks and Gun Control … It’s Just Common Sense.”
(BTW, The Term; Common Sense,” Is The New Gun Control ‘Meme!’)

Sandy Hook: The Documentary (2hrs-57min)
Mark Howitt takes an investigative look into the events and controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting which happened on December 14th 2012 in Newtown Connecticut. This documentary explores several aspects and claims of details Web Search: “Sandy Hook False Flag Operation”surrounding the event and is an attempt to shed some light and provide logical answers to the many questions that remain as to what happened in Newtown. Using rare news and article clips, testimonies, police audio analysis and several perspectives, it is quite clear that we are not being told the truth about what really happened. Was there others involved in the crime? Why have authorities and media provided abundant amounts of misleading information, changing the official narrative on countless occasions? These questions are being asked by a large amount of people in the public and the case is looked at in great detail to try and make sense of things and bring closure to much of the controversy, in what is perhaps the biggest conspiracy since 9/11.
» Topics covered include; identities of multiple suspects, police audio analysis, witness testimonies, media coverage, the Lanza family, the gun ban issue, intelligence agencies, examples of covert operations, “Project Longevity,” “Project Mockingbird,” “Fast & Furious,” crisis actor claims, prior drills, living victims, FEMA, advanced knowledge of attack, motive of crime, and many other aspects of the false flag operation and, it’s anomalies.
[Go HERE, For More On The Sandy Hook & Colorado ‘Batman’ Theater Shootings]

False Flag Actors: A Common Globalist Tool
“Mohamed Atta And The Venice Flying Circus” [For More on The 9/11 False Flag Operation, Go HERE]

DHS To Meet With Congressman On Ammo Purchases
Federal agency finally addresses request for answers on huge (over 2 BILLION) ‘hollow-point’ bullet purchases

Too Bad, — SO SAD!
Foolish Californians Sign Petition,
To Ban and Confiscate All Firearms …

Dice shows how the majority of Americans are (literally) in a trance: Media critic and social analyst Mark Dice shows how the American people, are literally in a trance, as he gets people to sign a petition banning their own god-given birthrights. The public’s zombie-like mental state, is what will allow Obama and his globalist puppeteers, to get their gun ban through.

In the next video, Mark D. shows how ill-informed people really are, as they comment on a news story about Russia nuking China (which of course, never really happened).

Recently, reporter Lee Ann McAdoo, was also able to find people that were willing to sign a petition calling for the outright ban of Dihydrogen Monoxide, (DHMO) which is actually, just the table of elements name for water.

Town In New York, Removes Gadsden Flag From Armory:
Says it’s a “symbol of the Tea Party, with right-wing connotations.”
A veterans organization in a New York town is fighting for its right to fly a patriotic flag, after the city council refused to let the group display the flag, calling it a “symbol of the Tea Party, with right-wing connotations.” The United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association, replaced a tattered American flag at the New Rochelle Armory, flying the Gadsden flag underneath it. The bright yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, has been used by the Navy and Marine Corps since 1775.

Uh-Oh, …
State Dept Changes Their Story of U.S. Diplomat’s Death


By The Way, …
Congress Quietly Votes To Hide Financial Disclosures…

“We’re Being Inundated By Aliens!”
Vigilante Group uses secret cameras to record the flow of illegal immigrants across the U.S. – Mexican border

Man Gets 7 Years for Stealing Obama’s Teleprompter!
(Also stolen by Eric Brown, were presidential seals and, Obama’s lectern.)

Theft of Obama’s Teleprompter, Lectern Gets Man 7-year Prison Term
It was no Republican plot, but someone made off with the teleprompter that has been the subject of conservative jokes about President Obama. Also stolen were the presidential seals. And Obama’s lectern. In fact, Eric Brown stole enough equipment from the office of the president that he could have staged his own presidential news conference — if he hadn’t pawned some of the gear at shops in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

Special Report:
Former Deputy Sheriff; Secrets The Police Don’t Want YOU To Know!
ROL host, Eddie Craig on your rights, when being stopped by the police. Eddie is an Air Force veteran that began realizing that the government was lying to the people at virtually every turn. He earnestly begin his research into government rules and statutes in the mid 90′s after he witnessed his mother breakdown into tears of hopeless frustration over a property tax bill that threatened to take away her property and home. Angry at the malicious and callous demeanor of those that supposedly worked for the greater good of the People Eddie began to carefully research and document the relationships between the various statutes and the legislative enactments that created them, especially the “ad valorem” property tax, and eventually the federal income tax. He has since spent the past eleven years researching the various Texas Codes such as the Transportation Code. Much to the dismay of many municipalities, police officers, and prosecutors he has thrown a very large monkey wrench into the gears of their money machine, using their own laws! With Randy Kelton’s passed-down knowledge about due process and criminal actions, Eddie’s research has become even more dangerous to them. Vigorous study and research revealed the truth, most government employees know even less about the language and application of the law than the general public! Angered by the cavalier attitudes of public servants acting as if their ignorance was of no consequence, Eddie sought out other like minded people to exchange ideas and find a remedy, which led him to Rule of Law Radio. Eddie has now dedicated himself to “fighting the good fight” against the total willful ignorance that consumes our public servants at every level of government, an ignorance which too many people share by way of an apathetic attitude about our rights and liberties. The biggest problem with being apathetic is that it is a word comprised mostly of the word “pathetic.”

Gerald Celente’s ‘Trends In The News’: “No More To War!” (Gerald’s Blog & Official ‘Trends Research’ Website)

Pope Francis 1, Linked To Argentinian Missile Acquisition & Deaths:

Second Body In A Week, Found Floating Near Washington National Mall?!

Study: Synchronized Sounds Sharpen Sleep

Report: Many Urban, (City) Tap Water Systems, —
Are Loaded With SSRI Antidepressant Drugs!
As you may recall, the Associated Press (AP) released the results of a groundbreaking investigation it conducted back in 2008 concerning the presence of pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply.

Idaho Bans Government Spy Drones
Legislation is also pending in 31 other states.

4 Minute NEWs!

Rise of The Machines! The Robot Wars:
Google chief warns, armed drones will soon be in the hands of terrorists and miniature models could be used to spy on neighbors

Father Sickened By Anti-Constitutional Note From Son’s School…
“I’m willing to give up some of my constitutional rights, in order to be safer or more secure.”



Microsoft Pulls “Patch Tuesday” Security Fix!
Microsoft is recommending the update released on April 9th ‘Patch Tuesday’ be UNinstalled. Apparently users reported incidents of “blue screens of death”(BSOD) after installation. A number of Windows 7 users are reporting issues with security update 2823324, (part of security bulletin MS13-036).

Best FREE Windows 8 Start Menu Replacements
One of the most controversial things about Windows 8, is the missing Start button and ‘Start menu.’ After relying on the Start menu through one version of Windows after another, PC users have found themselves floundering around within Windows 8, trying to find, — where everything’s at. It didn’t take long for software developers to jump in and begin turning out programs to restore the ‘Start menu’ and get you to the Desktop right away. Now, there’s a large number of Start menu replacements. …

INFOWARS Nightly News, (Friday, April 12, 2013)


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