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Rest In Peace Jim Tucker, (Dec. 31, 1934 – April 26, 2013) — The End of April: A Time of Human Sacrifice — WHY Is The (Supposedly) Dead Sandy Hook Principal, Spotted At The Boston Marathon Bombing Event? — Former Army Spymaster Cites “Bifurcated” Government in False Flag — New ‘Police State’ Euphemism: “Shelter In Place”

~ Sunday, April 28, 2013 ~
“Is The Universe, A Thought Within A Mind?”

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force.
Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master..”

–George Washington

The ‘Alex Jones Show’ (Sunday, April 28, 2013)

Bilderberg Tracker, Jim TuckerOn the Sunday, April 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex broadcasts from the road, paying tribute to Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker, who passed away on Saturday, (the 26th) at the age of 78, as a result of a bad fall at his home, where his family was present. He also covered the latest attack by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and the latest details on the Boston bombing false flag operation, as the official narrative on the event, takes on its final mythological form. “Infowars Nightly News” hosts Jakari Jackson and David Knight, co-host from the Austin, Texas command center.
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Go Here For The Story and Obituary ...This one man made it his mission, to expose the criminal globalist organization, known as; “The Bilderberg Group” Jim tracked their every move, for over 25 years, reporting their clandestine meetings, (via several “inside sources”) and he’s largely the reason, we know so much about this criminal cartel now. I will miss my friend and mentor deeply. …
May You Rest In Peace Jim Tucker. 

The End of April: A Time of Human Sacrifice …
The list of violent events which occurred during this time period, is simply staggering. Here are some of them:
Why do we often witness tragedy and senseless deaths during the second half of April?

Former Army Spymaster Cites “Bifurcated” Government in False Flag

WHY Is The (Supposedly) Dead Sandy Hook Principal,
Spotted At The Boston Marathon Bombing Event?

Lies, upon Lies, Upon Lies ... Images from the web, are showing the truth of the Boston Bombing.

Go HERE, To Demand The Truth On Benghazi!
“Nearly seven months after the Benghazi attacks there are still more questions than answers about the Obama Administration’s response. Time is running out to find the truth. Absent a special investigation, the American people will never discover the truth about why Americans were simply left to die in Benghazi. More than 70 House Republicans have co-sponsored H. Res. 36 to create a Select Committee on the Terrorist Attack in Benghazi – but more than 160 still haven’t signed on. … We need your immediate help to contact Members of Congress and urge them to join OPSEC’s effort today!”
(It’s FREE, and it only takes a minute of your time…)

NYC Mayor Bloomberg, Says America Needs To Change The Constitution, In Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing
NYC Mayor Bloomberg has shown he’s often delusional, especially when it comes to his role as a public servant. He’s proven to be a far better servant of the criminal elite and their police state measures, — every chance he gets.

New ‘Police State’ Euphemism: “Shelter In Place”
Philadelphia issues instructions on how to “shelter in place” following police state lockdown in Boston.

How The Boston Bombing,
Is Already Being Exploited, To Introduce Tyranny
“I have no personal experience in the business of false flag terrorism, but I imagine that engineering a successfully staged terror attack to be blamed on innocent or semi-innocent parties with the goal of psychologically manipulating a population requires that one also be an accomplished storyteller. It demands an avid imagination and an organized sense of foresight. And, most of all, it requires a consistency of narrative. Without consistency, the audience’s ability to suspend its disbelief is damaged, and they become disconnected from the fantasy being portrayed”

The U.S. Government, Plotting To Keep Americans “SAFE!” “Those Who Would Give Up Essential Liberty,
to Purchase A Little Temporary Safety,
Deserve Neither Liberty Nor Safety!”

–Benjamin Franklin, 1759

Americans Now Fear The Government, MORE Than Terror!
According to a pair of recent polls, for the first time since the 9/11 terrorist hijackings, Americans are more fearful their government will abuse constitutional liberties than fail to keep its citizens safe. Even in the wake of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing, the polls suggest Americans are hesitant to give up any further freedoms in exchange for increased “security.”

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny,
when the government fears the people there is liberty.”

―Thomas Jefferson
It doesn’t seem to matter, that you’re more than a thousand times more likely to die in a car accident, than a terrorist attack. People are suckers for government propaganda. If the government tells them terrorists are a threat, they usually believe it, — despite the fact dying, or even getting injured in a terrorist attack is, (at best) a remote possibility.

Hyper-sonic “Falcon” JDAM Laser Guided Missile vs.
The April 17th – West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion
It’s astonishing to me, how the (alleged) deaths of three people in Boston, vividly overshadowed the deaths of fifteen, (with hundreds wounded) in West Texas. …
It’s almost as though the “powers that be,” were deliberately attempting to divert our attention, — for some reason.

Perhaps The Reason For The “Explosion” Was This:

WTC “Boeing Landing Gear” —
The Lamest Planted Evidence Ever?
The Daily News saves the most important information for the article’s final sentence: “Cops were investigating how the gear got there, including the possibility it was lowered into place because a piece of rope was found intertwined with the metal.” So, that piece of landing gear didn’t just fall into the crack between the “Ground Zero Mosque” and the building behind it. It was lowered by ropes!


Some Things Forgotten on 9/11

Will Gardening Soon Be Illegal?!
Police stake out hydroponics shops to spy on people who grow their own food:
(It’s The NEW Freedom!)
Americans who employ hydroponics are the newest targets in an insane “drug war,” which has gone from bad to ludicrous since it was first “declared” in the early 1980s.

U.S. and Allies Hypocrisy Over Syria, …
Looking Again, — For “False Flag Justification”
For the second time, we are looking at yet another Libya style forced regime change in Syria. “A False Flag event will once again bring us to yet another war and bring about even more poverty.” Obama has made it clear that should Assad use chemical and biological weapons then military intervention could well be on the cards – What he did not tell the world was the fact that he supported a false flag chemical/biological in order to blame the Syrian Government!

USDA Food Stamps Being Handed Out To Mexican Nationals:
Tens of billions of dollars a year, are now being handed out to food stamp recipients, who aren’t even U.S. citizens!
This is an issue of fundamental fairness, which should piss everyone off, who works for a living. … The Obama administration’s promising the people down there, they can get U.S. federal food stamps without even having their “immigration status” checked.

Go HERE, To Learn MORE!The 100th Anniversary of, — The Beginning of The End?
Like the other two progressive actions, the passage of the “Federal Reserve Act” is a nail in America’s coffin, — over the long term. Most Americans think the “Federal Reserve” is a branch of the federal government, like the Department of Education, DOD, the EPA, DHS, DOJ (aka the Department of Cover Up), etc. Well, it is, and it isn’t. The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE CORPORATION, … actually, a banking cartel. The federal government, is only a partner in the cartel, to add some legitimacy to it; to have the power of a federal law behind it. To use another term, it’s a monopoly over the nation’s money supply. It is designed to help member banks, not “We The People.” Remember the bank bailouts in 2009? The system worked, … for the banks.

We MUST Worship Royalty And Uniforms!
I will buy a crown and put it on my head, (then, you must bow) Government is GOD! — USA! USA! USA! Government and the off-shore mega-corporations are lord…

America DEvolves Into Welfare Zombie Nation,
Where Human Intelligence Has Been All But Eradicated:

AMAZING, (However, Not At All Surprising…).
Group Beats Man Unconscious Outside Restaurant, — While Witnesses Laugh
The video shows a man on the ground and, at least four others punching and kicking him repeatedly. One woman even hits him with a hammer-like object. “Wake up, yo. Wake up, yo,” a witness is heard saying in the video.

The Three Stooges:
News Anchors: Williams, Pelley and Sawyer

Williams, Pelley, and Sawyer
“I think, at the very least, YouTube should censor them. Well, wait a minute. Not censor, but put up a notice on all their videos: “It’s come to our attention that these three characters are as annoying as a bad case of fleas. Caution: watch and listen at your own risk.” The three stooges. Three schmucks in the fountain. Send in the clowns, don’t bother, they’re here.”

Teacher Suspended, (without pay) After Giving Lesson,
About Gardening Tools, To Second Grade Students.
Doug Bartlett, a veteran teacher with an upstanding record of 17 years, has filed a lawsuit against the school district of Chicago, for suspending him without pay after giving a lesson on gardening tools to his second grade students. (Now THAT’S Freedom!USA! USA! USA!)

Space Telescope Hubble:

Journey Through The “Orion Nebula,”(In Full Screen)!

The Future Is Now With AT&T’s New Home Automation Tech

Sony Launches Rugged, Super-Zoom 3D-Recording Binoculars

Study: Robot Abuse Switches On Human Empathy (Will Robots Have Empathy For Humans, When They’re Abused?)

All Things Appy: 5 Best Windows 8 Sports Apps
Which “App” Do YOU Need?

How To: SILENCE Telephone Spammers!

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The “No Agenda Show” With “Crackpot” & “Buzzkill”
“Lonely Crazies” (Episode 508 – Sunday, 4-28-13)

“One Nation, Under Siege” “The Time Is Near At Hand, Which Must Determine
Whether Americans Are To Be Free Men, — or Slaves.”
–George Washington

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