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NBC Report Confirms Bankers Really DO Fund Drug Cartels, and Terrorist Groups — Backlog on Gun Orders Hits 2 Million — Desperate Sabbatean Mafia Tries To Bribe Russian President Vladimir Putin, With Offers of World Power — Syrian Chemical Weapons Hype, A Major Cover-up For Syrian Rebels, (Al-Qaeda Fighters) Using Chemical Weapons That Your Taxdollars Fund, (But We Have To Give-up Our Rights, Because of — Al-Qaeda)!

~ Tuesday, April 30, 2013 ~
“Deprogramming The NWO”

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny,
when the government fears the people there is liberty..”

–Thomas Jefferson

The ‘Alex Jones Show’ (Tuesday, April 30, 2013)

Alex broadcasts live from the road on this Tuesday, April 30 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Alex runs down the latest news as the United States moves closer to invading Syria under the pretext that Assad used chemical weapons. He also breaks down the latest developments on the Boston bombings and covers an story about a child abducted by CPS after his parents sought a second medical opinion. On today’s show, Alex talks with rock music icon and Second rights advocate Ted Nugent about the ongoing effort by Congress and Obama to force gun control on the American people. He also talks with Mark Anderson of the American Free Press about the upcoming Bilderberg conference and the recent passing of Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker.
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20 Signs, The Next Great Economic Depression, Has Already Started In Europe
The Great Depression is already happening – it just hasn’t reached the United States yet.

No Bank Deposits Will Be Spared From Confiscation
Eric Holder is right when he said that bankers cannot be prosecuted for the losses suffered by the bank.

The Crisis Is Imminent: “When The Real Crash Comes, It Will Be Worse Than The Great Depression”
“The United States is like the Titanic, and I’m here with the lifeboat trying to get people to leave the ship… I see a real financial crisis coming for the United States.” –Peter Schiff (world renown economist)

Report: Farmers Hoarding Food To Protect Against Currency Collapse
The rice, beans, wheat, and pasta you stockpile will still have the same exact intrinsic value a decade from now as they do today.

Flashback: NBC Report Confirms Bankers Really Do Fund Drug Cartels, Terror Groups
Still think it’s a ‘conspiracy theory’ that the largest mega-banks are profiting off of the drug trade?

Boston Bombers During Shootout: “We Didn’t Do it!”
Video footage from the scene of the shootout with the alleged Boston bombers appears to contain audio of the suspects screaming out, “We didn’t do it!” as police fire on the two brothers.

Ron Paul: Police Manhunt For Suspect, Was Scarier Than The Original Attack!

The Real McCoy:
Alfred McCoy on The Surveillance State
For over 100 years, the U.S. government’s imported draconian police state techniques, (and technology) developed overseas, back to the American “homeland,” whether involving torture, surveillance, suspension of human rights and liberties, using the overseas country, as a laboratory for counter-insurgency, while re-arming local security forces for repression. We saw evidence of this recently, on the streets in Boston and Watertown MA. with martial law maneuvers used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rand Warns of ‘1984’ Surveillance Scenario
Too Late Rand, … We’re ALREADY There!

Backlog on Gun Orders Hits 2 Million
Sturm, Ruger shipments surpass 500,000 for first time in history.

Another Murder Near Obama’s Home

Detroit Takes Top 3 Spots For Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Philly Cop Stabbed, Robbed Of iPod During Violent Attack

Desperate Sabbatean Mafia Tries To Bribe Russian President Vladimir Putin With Offers of World Power:
The Satan worshiping mafia that seized control of the West’s financial system is literally offering the world to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a desperate attempt to keep in power, according to a gnostic illuminati grand master and an MI6 agent. That may be why Russia is officially going along with the obviously fake Boston bombing psychological warfare operation against the American people. (FULL Story HERE!)
Obama: ‘I’m Not Familiar’ With Benghazi Whistleblowers Being Threatened…

Syrian Chemical Weapons Hype A Cover-up For Syrian Rebels, (Al-Qaeda Fighters) Using Chemical Weapons?
The international media avoids talking about possible use of chemical weapons by the Syrian rebels, just as it ignored Al-Qaeda leader’s call for jihad marking the start of deadly suicide attacks in Syria.

N Korean Nukes, & Syrian Chem Weapons, — All Linked To The Desperate Zionists
The people in the pentagon know, it is the Zionist cabal, which is behind both the North Korean nuclear threats and, the talk of chemical weapons being used in Syria. They are not going to be manipulated into Zionist wars anymore, pentagon sources say.

GMO Labeling Bill (FINALLY) Introduced In Congress
The bill has some teeth. The question is whether it has legs. The “Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act” was introduced last Wednesday in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Citizen Hearing On UFO Disclosure: WILL The U.S. Congress ACT?!
On April 29th, 2013 the Citizen Hearings on (UFO) Disclosure at the National Press Club. Six former members of the U.S. Congress, began hearing 40 witnesses and experts reveal what they know about UFOs, and the extraterrestrial hypothesis – and that some UFOs are interplanetary spacecraft. In the first two panels, four experts in each testified about the history of the UFO phenomenon and the likelihood, they are guided by an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Twitter Issues Media Memo: Warns of More Hacks, Threats To Come
The micro-blogging giant has warned news outlets that “these attacks will continue,” particularly against high profile media organizations.

Microsoft’s “IllumiRoom” Blends Gaming, Real-World Environments
Microsoft’s IllumiRoom employs a Kinect for Windows camera and a projector to let on-screen content bleed into the gamer’s physical environment. It can change the appearance of a room, provide the sensation of motion, and extend the player’s field of view. Kinect captures the appearance and geometry of a room to adapt projected visuals in real-time — no graphics pre-processing required.

Visual News specializes in images with accompanying brief articles on Art, Design, People, News, Technology, and Visualization. If you want to give your eyeballs a treat, you’ll really enjoy this site, which has infographics, photos, various kinds of art and oh, all kinds of interesting things.

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“I’ve Lost The Password To My Windows Administrator Account, How DO I Get It Back?!”
This utility’s been around for a while and, has a good reputation. However, (as with any third party software that’s going to operate on sensitive system areas) you’re always at risk. Make sure you’ve a good backup of your machine, prior to performing these operations. And, (of course) use of utilities of this nature are entirely at your own risk.

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INFOWARS Nightly News, (Tuesday, April 30, 2013)

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