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Documentary: “AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism” The Truth About The IRS and,The Criminal Privately-Owned, ‘Federal’ Reserve — EXPOSED: U.S. Planned To Launch Chem Weapons Attack On Syria, – “Then Blame It On Assad” — Syrian Al-Qaeda Teen-Rebels Hail 9/11 Attack — Meanwhile, … Obama Rants: The Constitution Is A “Charter of Negative Liberties” — If Gov’t Spying On Americans, Is Such a GOOD THING, … WHY, Is It Being Conducted In Secret?

~ Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 ~
“AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism” The Truth About The IRS and,
Criminal PrivatelyOwned, ‘Federal’ Reserve

“The people can never willfully betray their own interests: But they may possibly be betrayed, by the representatives of the people; and the danger will be evidently greater, where the whole legislative trust is lodged in the hands of one body of men, than where the concurrence of separate and dissimilar bodies is required in every public act.”
–James Madison, 1788

The ‘Alex Jones Show’ (Tuessday, June 18, 2013)

Climate Change Agenda -- BULLSHIT!On the Tuesday, June 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers Obama’s multiple scandals as the all-time low approval POTUS arrogantly defends the NSA’s unconstitutional and massively unprecedented high-tech surveillance program aimed at the American people and the government’s political opposition. A recent poll indicates nearly half of the American people believe the IRS targeting of opposition political groups originated in the Obama White House. On today’s worldwide transmission, Alex welcomes back to the show the Managing Director and founder of WeatherAction, Piers Corbyn. Corbyn talks with Alex about the warmist scam held in Exeter, Britain, a propaganda event coinciding with the G8 bankster elite summit. Alex also covers the latest breaking news and takes your calls on today’s broadcast.

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HEADS UP! — A NORAD “Exercise”
Planned for National Capital Region 6/18-19th
NORAD, (The “North American Aerospace Defense Command”) and its geographical component, the Continental United States NORAD Region (CONR), will conduct exercise “Falcon Virgo” 13-09, between 11:30 PM., Tuesday, June 18 and 5:30 am. EDT Wednesday, June 19, in the National Capital Region, Washington, D.C. The exercise is comprised of a series of training flights held in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Capital Region Coordination Center, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC), Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and CONR’s Eastern Air Defense Sector. Exercise “Falcon Virgo” is designed to hone NORAD’s intercept and identification operations, as well as operationally test the NCR Visual Warning System and certify newly assigned command and control personnel at JADOC.

EXPOSED: U.S. Planned To Launch
Chem Weapons Attack On Syria, — “Then Blame It On Assad”
Leaked e-mails from a defense contractor, refers to chemical weapons, saying “the idea is approved by Washington” January 29th, 2013 Leaked e-mails have proved, the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria, which would be blamed on Assad’s government, and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country. A report released on Monday, contains the e-mail exchange, between two senior officials, at British-based contractor Britam Defense, where a scheme ‘approved by Washington’ is outlined, explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

Britam Defense —
Leaked E-mail: “Syrian Issue”
The hacked Britam Defense email called ‘Syrian Issue’ from December 24th, 2012 can be viewed here, including e-mail headers (.docx) and here (.jpg).

Moscow Slams U.S. Claims,
of Assad Chemical Weapons Use The Syrian government has vehemently denied US claims its army has resorted to chemical weapons, describing American accusations as a “caravan of lies.”

*VIDEO* Syrian Al-Qaeda Teen-Rebels Hail 9/11 Attack
Syrian Rebels, Al-Qaeda training camp recruits: “If they call me a terrorist, I will consider it an honor.”

Gallup Poll Shows, A Whopping 77%
of Americans Distrust Mainstream Media TV.
Only a bit more ‘trustworthy’ than Congress, which scored in at a record high of 90% saying they do not trust the government body, the Gallup poll details that only 23% of viewers actually trust the mainstream media television news. A reality that has been clear as day in light of blatant mainstream media blackouts on key events like the outrageous DHS ‘Fourth Amendment free‘ zones that stretch up to 100 miles out from every single border of the US, to the blackout over eyewitness reports at the Boston Marathon.

U.S. Pushes Smear Campaign
Against Snowden To Distract From NSA Leak Ed Snowden’s revelations had already led to some tension between the U.S. and China. Beijing has demanded that Washington explain its surveillance program. …

U.S. Intelligence Is “Aggressively Criminal”,0,2115671.story
Edward Snowden, the former U.S. government contractor who leaked secret details of official surveillance programs, pledged Monday to release more information about U.S. intelligence-gathering methods that he described as “nakedly, aggressively criminal.” “All I can say right now is the U.S. government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me,” Snowden wrote in an online chat hosted by Britain’s Guardian newspaper. “Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.” Writing from an undisclosed location believed to be in Hong Kong, the former CIA and National Security Agency systems administrator vigorously defended his disclosures about the breadth of U.S. surveillance, including programs that sweep up data about Americans’ telephone calls, emails and Internet use.

Snowden: Truth IS Coming,
U.S. Draconian Responses Build Better Whistleblowers The threat of imprisonment or murder will not stop the truth from coming out, …

Edward Snowden:

CrossTalk: “U.S. of Security” Is the national security state on the rise?
Can society and the media reverse this trend?
Is the kind of surveillance practiced today necessary?

“United States of Surveillance” “Snuggly” The Security Bear and, Obama, — have been busier than we all thought, within the “United States of Surveillance.” After the revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden, we know more about the full extent of NSA domestic spying.

If Gov’t Spying
On Americans, Is Such a GOOD THING, …

Then WHY, Is It Being Conducted In Secret?
Top-Secret-Documents_150x96In the run up to the 2012 election, why didn’t Obama campaign on the promise, he would keep Americans safe, by spying on all our phone calls, e-mails and electronic communications? After all, Obama says he completely endorsed the program, insisting that Americans will have to put up with a “little inconvenience” in order to be more secure.

Meanwhile, … Obama Rants:
The Constitution Is A “Charter of Negative Liberties”
In light of Obama’s unparalleled spying on and intrusions into every single American’s life, many people are finding it interesting to go back to his prior pronouncements. For example, in 2007, Candidate Obama promised that “I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists, without undermining our Constitution and our freedom.” With spying scandals exploding around us, it’s interesting to see precisely what Obama – who lectured on Constitutional law — meant when he spoke about “our Constitution and our freedom.”

“Nobody’s Listening To Your Calls”

PHONY IDENTIFICATION PAPERS South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan
agrees that Congress should look into this important matter.

U.S. Says It Will Buy Russian
Helicopters For Afghan Military
The Pentagon said on Monday it will spend $572 million to buy 30 Russian-built military helicopters that will be used by Afghan security forces. The Mi-17 helicopters will be used by Afghanistan’s National Security Forces Special Mission Wing, which supports counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics and special operations missions. The contract with Rosoboronexport, the Russian arms company, covers spare parts, test equipment and engineering support. The Pentagon said the work would be performed in Russia. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. [Obviously, this is a pay-off for Russia’s compliance, with the U.S. arming ‘rebels’ after the US sent the chemical weapons to be used there.]

Bank of America
Former Employees: “We Were Told To Lie!”
Bank of America routinely denied qualified borrowers a chance to modify their loans to more affordable terms and paid cash bonuses to bank staffers for pushing homeowners into foreclosure, according to affidavits filed last week in a Massachusetts lawsuit. “We were told to lie to customers,” said Simone Gordon, who worked in the bank’s loss mitigation department until February 2012.

Supreme Court Says,
Pre-Miranda Silence Can Be Used By Prosecutors In Court
The Supreme Court says prosecutors can use a person’s silence against them if it comes before he’s told of his right to remain silent. The 5-4 ruling comes in the case of Genovevo Salinas, who was convicted of a 1992 murder… The court decision was down its conservative/liberal split, with Alito’s judgment joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.

Brazil Sees Largest Protests
In Decades, As Unrest Hits Second Week Mass protests continued throughout Brazil on Monday, with hundreds of thousands of demonstrators converging in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, the capital of Brasilia and other cities.

‘Standing Man’ Protest, Goes Viral,
As Turkey Eyes Law To Restrict Social Media
The Turkish government is working on a draft law to restrict social media in a bid to crack down on activists. Meanwhile, a new form of protest is sweeping Turkey, taking Twitter by storm under the hashtag ‘standing man.’ Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler said on Monday that the government was drafting a law to restrict social media content. Guler said the measures were being discussed, in response to the influx of “provocative material” that has appeared on social media. The new law will grant the government new powers, to investigate and prosecute individuals who publish “offending material.”

Hey, Ya Gotta Love THIS! Shut Up Slave!

Unique Rock Formations In China,
Like They Were Drawn By An Impressionist artist
These incredible landscapes look as if they have been painted in the sweeping pastel brush strokes of an impressionistic artwork. … But in fact, these remarkable pictures show the actual scenery of Danxia Landform at Nantaizi village of Nijiaying town, in Linzhe county of Zhangye, Gansu province of China. Formed of layers of reddish sandstone, the terrain has over time been eroded into a series of mountains surrounded by curvaceous cliffs and unusual rock formations.

HUH?! UK’s Andrew Duff at the European Parliament

Yahoo Reveals
U.S. Government Made
13,000 Requests For User Data
The company joins Microsoft, Facebook and Apple in publishing data on surveillance requests coming from law enforcement agencies.

AT&T’s “Street Charge”
Provides Free Power For Your Smartphone
The Street Charge stations have a variety of connectors to accommodate most smartphones, including USB, Micro USB, 30-pin, and lightning connectors. They draw power from solar panels at the base of the kiosk and store it in lithium batteries at the top, continuing to deliver power throughout the night.

The Online Encyclopedia of Etiquette:
Is your online etiquette (also known as“Netiquette”) up to date? Use these guidelines at this neat website, to ‘check yourself.’ …
Time and tech have changed many things in recent years, including the way we interact with people on the web. (Thankfully, good manners never go out of style.) In addition to covering online etiquette, the Online Encyclopedia of Etiquette, has info on everyday manners, social life, getting a job, as well as on the job etiquette, plus forms of address. The site’s emphasis is on manners and etiquette here at home in the U.S., but online etiquette is useful, for just about anyone using technology and the internet.

“The Line Separating Good and Evil,
Passes Not Through States,
Nor Between Political Parties Either,
But Right Through Every Human Heart.”
— Alexander Solzhenitsyn

‘INFOWARS’ Nightly News, (Tuesday, June 18, 2013)

“If You Can’t Trust Us, …
We’re Going To Have Some Problems”

–Barry Soetoro (aka; Barack H. Obama)

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