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The Unqualified, Ineligible, Pathological Liar, Barry Soetoro

Barry Soetoro Obama & The “Choom Gang”

Thanking his drug dealer in his yearbook and, inventing the best ways to inhale: A new book; (Barack Obama: The Story) by David Maraniss, delves into Barack Barry Obama’s teenage years, giving fresh insight into the president’s marijuana-smoking days, as a high school student in the 1970s. He often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘intercepted!’ and took an extra hit. The book reveals, how Barry Obama and his friends, formed The Choom Gang (slang for smoking marijuana – in which he invented various inhaling techniques and rode a van, aka the Choomwagon.) In the book, “Barack Obama: The Story,” biographer David Maraniss, calls the future president Barry and reveals how he was known, for starting a few pot-smoking trends. [Grab The ‘REST of The Story,’ (With Photos) HERE!]
Web Search: Barry Obama’s “Choom Gang” (1979)

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