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 Adask’s law
 “American Kabuki” May God Help and Bless America.

 Andrew Basiago & Alfred Webre (Proj. Mars)
CIA Bases, Mutants On Mars, Secret Teleportation and
Time-Travel, For Over 40 Years?! (The Basiago Interview)

 Al Bielek
The “Philadelphia Experiment” And “Montauk Project”
 Barry Cooper
 Before It’s News!
“BEYOND TREASON” (Search Numerous Posts Where The Film's Located -- PLUS, Veterans Can Get A FREE DVD Copy of The Film!)
 “Brave New World”
 Brooks Agnew – X2
 Christopher Everard
 Conspiracy Journal
 Corbett Report
 “Cutting Through The Matrix,” (W/Alan Watt)
 David Icke
 Deadline LIVE!
 Dr. Judy Wood, (9/11)
 Dr. Katherine Albrecht
  (Founder of CASPIAN – 
   And, SpyChips.Com)
 EA Koetting
 End The Lie
 Enigma TV
 Erskine Overnight!
 Esoterica Radio,  … W/ Shadow & Tweek
“Freemake” offers freeware in the truest sense of the word: no feature or time limitations, no hidden costs. Download and use their FREE Video Converter, Video Downloader, Audio Converter and FREE Music Box! (CC.C Does NOT Benefit From This, Whatsoever ...)
 Freeman TV
Gerald Clente’ – Trends Forecster
 Ghosts Of The Republic
 Gizmo’s Best Freeware!
 Global Resistance
 Ground Zero, (W/Clyde Lewis)
 Illuminatus Observor  (“The Fetch” @ Oracle!)
 Jan Irvin (Gnostic Media)
 Jim Marrs
 Jordan Maxwell
 “Late Night In The Midlands”
 “Linderman Unleashed!
 Made In USA Forever
Over 2,600 Products(ALL Made In The USA!)

 Marc Stevens
FREE “Matrix” Screensaver, (.exe - 492k) Has NO Spyware, Adware, Nagware, or Bloat. Pure, Simple, and Elegant. (This FREE Screensaver, Supports Multiple Monitors, So The Matrix Will Really, ... Have You....)
 Max Igan
 Michael Heiser
 Michael Tellinger
 Michael Tsarion
 Mike Philbin
 Mystical Wonders ~ Forum
 Nancy Wallace
 Natural News Radio!  ‘On The Air’ 24/7!
 Open Your Mind  (Forum)
 Oracle Broadcasting
 Other World Radio ~ W/Sandra Sabatini
 Polygraph Radio 
 Porter Stansberry
 PRAVDA (English)
 Restore The Republic
 Rick Smith The Origins of Man
 (Listen To Rick Smith’s ‘Other  World Radio’ Interview, HERE!)

 Rick Strassman
 Rifle Warrior (Lt. Col. Craig Roberts)
 Rob Menard

   (Home of The Irate Minority)
 The Corbett Report  
The “Daily Cheese”

 The Intel Hub
  The “Anti-Terrorist”
 “THRIVE” (The Film) What Will It Take?!
 Truth Frequency Radio
“Veterans Today” (Home)
 “We The People, Will NOT Be Chipped!”
 What Really Happened
 William Whitecrow

1984 (George Orwell)

'The Avengers' - Remember That Classic 1960's TV Show From The UK? (Go HERE, To Watch 10 Full Episodes!)

The Links Below, Are From CasesCorner.Com!
Go HERE, To Visit CasesCorner.Com, (HOME) -- “A Nonprofit Website, Dedicated To YOU, ... The Home PC User!”
 9/11 ISSUES
 The “BANK$TER$”
Go HERE, To Learn About The 'Bohemian Grove' And, The Satanic Ritual That Happens There! (Why Do The Criminal 'Elite' Go There EVERY July and, What Do 'They' Get Out of It?!)
 “Conspiracy of Silence”
 Dan’s ‘Darker Side’
 FREE Software
 FLUORIDE DANGERS  (“They” Are Poisoning You!)
 Multifarious Places
 “My Documents”
 “Need To Know” 
 “NEWS, None-The-Less”
 New World Order (Quotes)

 PC HELP & Solutions
 (MORE) Trippy LINKS!
Unidentified Flying Objects
 VACCINES    Educate B-4 You Vaccinate!

*Above Top Secret a website comprising a vast array of pages containing information with the ultimate purpose of exposing the secrecy that exists within the government and military organizations of the world.

*Accuracy in Media is a nonprofit, grassroots citizens watchdog of the news media that critiques botched and bungled news stories and sets the record straight on important issues that have received slanted coverage

*American Free Press Uncensored National Weekly Newspaper

*American Patriot Friends Network NOT anti-government, They are anti-corrupt-government. A Patriot is one who loves God, Family and Country They (as I) believe Patriots should rule America … Please join in the fight with us in seeking TRUTH, JUSTICE AND FREEDOM FOR ALL AMERICANS!

*American Underground: Dissident Patriots and the Novus Ordo Seclorum …

*Anomalies Network
UFO/Paranormal Community originally The S4 Database, was started a little over 7 years ago in response to the lack of quality UFO/Paranormal information on the web. The goal was to either mirror or download the world’s largest FTP and Web archives and place them into one super archive which made information location easier.

*Babel Magazine A Literary, Political and Philosophical … On-line magazine

*Borderland Sciences was founded by Meade Layne in 1945 for the purpose of investigating into realms normally beyond the range of basic human perception and physical measurement.

*The Byte Show is about a wide range of information – not necessarily considered entertainment.

*Cartome, a companion site to Cryptome, is an archive of news and spatial / geographic documents on privacy, cryptography, dual-use technologies, national security and intelligence — communicated by imagery systems: cartography, photography, photogrammetry, steganography, camouflage, maps, images, drawings, charts, diagrams, IMINT and their reverse-panopticon and counter-deception potential.

*Citizens For Better Government: To promote honesty in government, expose corruption, teach individuals lawful means of remedy and recourse when faced with government abuse. CBG is a non-profit community based information sharing and resource group open to all persons.

*Clifford Carnicom
: ‘CHEMtrails’ vs. ‘CONtrails’ (I mentioned it B-4, And I’ll mention it AGAIN!)

*Conspiracy Journal the latest news and info on conspiracies, the New World Order, the Illuminati, UFOs, the paranormal, Nikola Tesla, Free Energy — And MORE! We also feature well-known authors and researchers such as: Commander X, Timothy Green Beckley, Tim Swartz, Brad Steiger, Sean Casteel and Diane Tessman.

*Conspiracy Planet Your Antidote to Media Cartel Propaganda

*The Constitution Society: is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to research and public education on the principles of constitutional republican government. It publishes documentation, engages in litigation, and organizes local citizens groups to work for reform.

*Counterpunch is the biweekly muckraking newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. Twice a month they bring their readers the stories that the corporate press never prints. They aren’t sideline journalists there at CounterPunch. theirs is muckraking with a radical attitude and nothing makes them happier than when CounterPunch readers write in to say how useful they’ve found theirr newsletters in their battles against the war machine, big business and the rapers of nature.

*Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and blast protection — open, secret and classified documents — but not limited to those.

*Deep Black Lies Bringing in-depth reporting of crime and corruption in high places

*Disclosure Project: is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

*Disinformation was designed to be the search service of choice for individuals looking for information on current affairs, politics, new science and the ‘hidden information,’ that seldom seems to slip through the cracks of the corporate-owned media conglomerates. Ironically, it was funded by one of the largest media companies in the world (Telecommunications, Inc. (TCI), now part of AT&T), who paid for placement on Netscape’s then ubiquitous search page.

*Earthfiles is a crossroads in cyberspace for the latest updates in science, the environment and real X-Files that go beyond the 6 o’clock news. Earthfiles reporter and editor, Linda Moulton Howe, is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter and author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science and environmental challenges, and to firsthand eyewitnesses of high strangeness.

*Etherzone The intelligent alternative News and Opinion source

*Free Best Videos UFO Alien: Free best videos about UFO and alien extraterrestrial evidence or proof with film clips, UFO lectures, UFO photos, and alien pictures. The testimony says ETs are out there, so let’s get some alien videos and alien photos.

*Free Republic is an online gathering place for independent, grassroots conservatism on the web. We’re working to roll-back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America


*GoOFF is your premier online resource for books, interviews and other informational resources that expose the organizations, the governments and the people behind the events and issues that affect us all. Our goal is simple: to provide the world an alternative, uncensored wellspring of information to help every individual in his or her quest for ‘The Truth.’

*Informant News: Current UFO News, UFO News, UFO Photo Gallery, Alien Art, UFO, UFOs, Alien, Anomalies, Aliens, Weird, Strange, Odd, Paranormal, Conspiracy, Apocalypse, Library, & Archive

*Revere Radio: The worldwide home of Free Speech, sounding the call to battle the New World Order.

*The Lawful Path This Site is dedicated to study of the ‘True Law’ and a return to LAWFUL Government. I pray that you’ll enjoy your visit, and perhaps find some help, (if you’re in need). It’s my hope, that the info found here, will awaken and instruct all who enter …

Felix The Cat

*Mind Deprogramming: ‘Mind Deprogramming’ is a site that helps you protect yourself from mind control, (from The New World Order). You can watch hundreds of videos exposing the truth, that the ‘corporate controlled’ media doesn’t want you to see.

*Mysteries of the Mind totally unique talk radio program. Explore and discover many of life’s enigmas with your host, Alex Merklinger. Alex will inspire you to join him and his guests in the exploration of topics that include the arcane secrets of many cultures, spiritual cosmology, UFOs, spiritual healing, alternative medical practices, crop circles, political agendas, personal growth and success, and even Earth changes.

*National Alliance Who Rules America?

*New American magazine is a valuable tool in confronting the liberal, mainstream media. Stories in the news are often used to appeal to our emotions and persuade us to gradually surrender our freedoms. For example, another shooting occurs in the nation. Are more gun control measures the best solution to this all-too-common occurrence? You would think so if your only source of information was the nightly news. But what about our Constitution? What exactly was the Founding Fathers’ intent when they recognized our right to bear arms? Presenting truthful, well-researched answers to issues like these is the heartbeat of THE NEW AMERICAN. With founding principles as guides, issues are covered from a conservative, nonpartisan perspective.

*Nexus Magazine is an international bimonthly alternative news magazine, covering the fields of – Health Alternatives; Suppressed Science; Earth’s Ancient Past; UFOs & the Unexplained; and Government Cover-ups. NEXUS Magazine is not affiliated with any political, religious or spiritual groups or organizations whatsoever, and has been published since 1986.

*Patriot Underground is an on and offline organization, of true AMERICAN Patriots home-based in Northeastern Nevada … a (unorganized) Militia. You need not be a Nevada resident to join this organization. They are composed of people from all over the United States and all nationalities, who stand together in our inalienable rights in American ethics morals and religious virtues and (most importantly) willing to defend our constitutional rites to the best of our abilities. They are an active (unorganized) Militia due to the state of Nevada legal system, they may not be a Militia unless state controlled, they are privately run and operated, and do not answer to anyone. Their activities are very public and open but are NOT illegal by any means.

*Pyramid-Gallery: Featuring the intricately designed box replicas of French architect, Philip LeMarchand.

*The Patriotist is a Internet venue for those searching to live their lives free from excessive external influences: from government, institutions, and cultures not conducive to bringing Man closer to God who made him. The Patriotist is no respecter of specific movements or organizations, rather we advocate the simple principles of liberty, faith, and justice wherever they are found.

*The TorrentChannel: Forbidden videos and documentaries;
*The TorrentChannel – HAARP, weather modification, mind control and Alternative 3

*The TorrentChannel – The predominant media and their propaganda

*The TorrentChannel – The New World Order and the Illuminati

*The TorrentChannel – The New World Order and the Alien Agenda

*The TorrentChannel – World History

* – When history repeats itself, do we really notice?

*Radio Liberty Dr. Stanley Monteith, Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization, it will be reality and not illusion, (or delusion) that will determine what the future will bring.

*Rebfile Breaking news not covered by mainstream media: paranormal, conspiracy, human rights, health, Art Bell, Paul Rebhan, Chemtrail, crop circle, etc.

*Red Moon Rising: Researching human origins and destiny as they relate to the spiritual battle between Good and Evil. Prophecy, NWO, Kabbalah, Myth and Mystery Religions, Maitreya, the Antichrist, the Red Moon Rapture and the Polar Shift, and America as Mystery Babylon and the Dying Gods.

*Richard Boylan a site for Presentation of Factual Research Information on UFOs and Star Visitor Contact, the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET), and about Dr. Richard Boylan, noted researcher of the Star Visitor and Star Children phenomena, and Director of the Star Kids Project.

*Sherman Skolnick Citizens’ Committee to Clean up the Courts.

*Skeleton Closet All the Dirt on All the Candidates – Because character DOES matter!

*Subversive Talk the purpose is to offer a ‘subversive’ point of view on conventional wisdom, smug know-it-all-ism, the money-power gestalt and who and what human beings really are.

*Texe Marrs You’re invited to tune in to this international short-wave station listed below and listen to Texe Marrs’ and his weekly information packed radio program. Tune in each week and discover, The Power of Prophecy!

*True Conspiracies Summary of many True Conspiracies on Money, One World Government, Education, Banks, Suppressed Inventions, Energy, Wars, Globalization, Free Trade, Privatization, Deregulation, Shares, Foreign Investment, Suppression, Price Fixing, Disarmament, Politics, the Work Force, the Antichrist, Satanic Symbols, One World Religion, the New Age Movements & Much More

*TruthStream.Org – Streaming Videos of TRUTH to the American People

* This alien UFO website is devoted to the study of UFOs, UFOlogy and extraterrestrial life, their ships, and human origins.

*Unknown Country Whitley Strieber’s Unknowncountry presents the credible edge in current events and science news, crop circles, prophecy, and other unexplained phenomena not covered by the mainstream media. explores the other side of the human experience, and offers a vision of reality that hints of an exciting future for everyone.

*We the People Congress/We the People Foundation

*100777 Dedicated to Truthseekers: This site’s dedicated to ‘Truthseekers’ … To lead seekers on to a brighter source of info and to help shed some light on a great deal of things … happening in this strange world. Audio & Video |

 May The Peace of The Lord, ... Be With You Always.‘ABOUT’ Dan @ CC.C


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